What clients look for before hiring a magician?

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Getting a magic show is not a complete success for a magician, getting more shows from the previous show is the real success. There is no better marketing and sales technique than your own performance. But apart from your professional and immaculate magic skills, there are several things clients look in a magician. These things will affect the number of inquiries and bookings you will get in the future.

  • Quality of magic tricks and routines – Perform some original and unique routines
  • Professionalism of a magician with prior communication
  • Work experience as a full-time magician
  • Style and aura of the magician
  • Interaction of the magician with the crowd
  • Costume of the magician
  • Cost of your magic show
  • Punctuality of a magician
  • Time management of magic tricks
  • Adding extra value to the event in terms of humor, extra time, special magic effect
  • Right closure of the deal with your client

– Amit Kalantri (Magician & Mentalist)


In Addition to above, there are many good books available for magicians how to Promote your business / Show.


for example  “ Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy (e-Book Download) Bring your ideas to market! Penguin Co-founder Maxwell Murphy takes you inside the magic industry!”


I personally found this book very interesting and helpful… A GREAT Read!

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Thnx man, nice blog helps a lot to focus on what to do for selling magic shows

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