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Adair’s Five To One PLUS

Adair’s Five To One PLUS
Adair’s Five To One PLUS
Adair’s Five To One PLUS
Adair’s Five To One PLUS
Adair’s Five To One PLUS
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We have produced another novel and off-beat revelation of a selected card by Ian Adair, for use with any card deck, requiring no special sleights. 

This is the effect in Ian’s own words :


Your audience will laugh when your card prediction is finally revealed.

    Visual. Self-contained. Easy to do!

5 to 1    by IAN ADAIR

The performer first displays the back of a large black cardboard envelope, and stands it upright against an object so it is on full view throughout the proceedings. He states that inside it is a large playing card – a replica of one which a spectator will now select from a deck of cards. This, he says, will be his prediction.

The spectator is asked to reveal the name of her chosen card (Ace of Spades.)
The performer picks up the envelope and reverses it so the audience can see the large playing card through the cut-out window , – it’s the Five of Spades!
Oh dear – has the experiment gone wrong?

The performer slowly removes the large card from inside the envelope and VISIBLY it changes to the ACE OF SPADES….complete with both Ace indices at the corners.
Four of the Spade pips on the card are missing, and are now cut-outs! This leaves only one in central position. It’s the Ace of Spades. The same card the spectator selected right at the beginning of the effect. And, it has a patterned back design on its reverse side.

Note: The card we supply is LARGER than usual Jumbo cards, measuring 21cm. x 14 cm.
The envelope is not a flimsy paper one. It’s a cardboard envelope. And wait for it…. both card and envelope can immediately be handed out for examination at the end of the effect!
There’s nothing for spectators to find. No sliding pip card principle. No faked envelope (even though it has been specially made for this trick.)
Simply insert the card into the envelope when the effect is over, and it’s reset for the next performance!


We liked the visual impact of the novel revelation very much, and decided to add another off-beat revelation to this, which explains the PLUS in the title. 

We supply a second cut-out card in this outfit, to reveal a “double selection” of 8S and 6S. The effect is exactly as above, but when the window envelope is turned around, the spectators see a 14 of Spades. Performer inquires the identity of the selected cards, (6S and 8S) and says the 14S is the combination of the two selections. Then the card is removed from the envelope and shows an 8S (with 6 pips missing) on one side, and 6S on reverse.

We supply the complete outfit, (flat enough to occupy no space in your bag of tricks, and yet big enough for a platform show), along with window envelope and detailed instructions for a low pocket-friendly price. 

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