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As seen on Netflix's "Magic for Humans"!

When traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. Among the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen and the crowd went crazy with a range of emotions: Screaming. Covering their eyes. Laughing. Silently dazzled.

You borrow or have a spectator examine a set of headphones. Then you pop an examined mint (Lifesavers or  Polo) into your mouth. Next you bite down on the headphone cord for an instant and, when you open your mouth, everyone sees that the mint has penetrated the cord! It's as if someone combined an impossible puzzle with a magic trick...and the result is fantastic!

Consider these important points:

  • Mint-O can be performed with a borrowed mint.
  • There are no angle restrictions.
  • You can use headphones, a necklace, a rubber band, or any thin cord.
  • You'll even learn a version where you can hand the mint out at the end!


Mint-O has the same qualities as Needle-Swallowing, in that the mint is magically threaded onto the cord--but it's much quicker and more appropriate for family audiences.

  • You use your mouth in a hilarious and unexpected way.
  • The effect is easy to learn, easy to perform, and has NO angle restrictions.
  • No props to replace.
  • No DIY props to make.
  • And… it’s instantly repeatable.

You supply your own package of mints and you can then perform the trick ANYWHERE: onstage, in the street, or walk-around.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mint-O easy to do? Very! You will learn three different methods. One of them is almost self-working!
Do I have to palm anything?
Nope. Your hands remain empty at all times. You can perform Mint-O completely surrounded.
Are there any angle restrictions?
Nope. There is not a single bad angle for Mint-O. You could even perform it naked if you wanted to (but that would be a bit weird!)
How long does it take to reset?
Mint-O resets instantly. You can perform it over and over again.
I can't find Lifesaver mints in my country.
No problem! We demo this all over the world and they are readily available online. Or you can use the local equivalent of course.

A big thank you to Colin Gilbert, the originator of the Linking Mints effect, for his blessing to produce Mint-O. Colin never received the widespread credit that he deserved for this landmark effect and we are thrilled to be able to spotlight him to a new generation of magicians.

You get the gimmicks you need plus access to a 15-minute instructional video that shares three approaches, so you can amaze your audiences with a fresh new trick...Mint-O!

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