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Multiplying Thimbles

Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
Multiplying Thimbles
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Not often seen- you'll be unique!

Amazing magic that shows up well, even from a distance!
Routines with thimbles were popular with the top professional magicians many years ago.
Though rarely seen today, thimble manipulation is a unique way to show off your magical skills.

This is Purple Coloured, small size nested thimble set.  

This will allow you to perform the most incredible magic with ordinary-looking finger thimbles. These thimbles can be made to instantly appear and disappear at your fingertips, or multiply on each finger until your hand is full!

You can perform multiplications, vanishes, penetrations, and productions!

Comes 4 pair of Nested Thimble inset, these are specially designed to fit comfortably on your fingertips.

Two nested thimbles will look like a single thimble to your audience and gives you the ability to "multiply" thimbles on your fingertips.

Because of the same colour, you can perform manipulation easily and in the climax, you can make your hand full of thimbles (8 thimbles).

Basic Move Instruction sheet included. Suitable for kids and adults


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