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Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )

Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
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Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
Svengali Deck ( Bridge Size )
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The most famous trick deck of all time...

Force a card, locate a card, change a card, perform dozens of tricks with no skill necessary!

The incredible Svengali Deck does the most amazing magic ever!
It turns you into a magician INSTANTLY!

This is Special bidirectional Version means, you can either show card from the short side or long side, the gimmick is on two edges which makes it cleaner and easy to handle.

This is the most popular trick deck we sell!
Use this as a force deck (make a spectator choose a specific card).
Or use as a great trick deck- so many effects are possible.
Let your spectator choose a card, place it back in the deck, the deck is shuffled arbitrarily, yet you can cut exactly to the chosen card every time!
Have your spectator choose a card from this ordinary-looking deck, but when the card is put back in the deck, the entire deck changes into a deck of all the same card!
You can predict which card a spectator will choose every time- and LOTS more!

Can be repeated immediately.
No sleights are necessary.

Comes good quality Indian playing card deck (bridge size) and printed instructions.

Note – the back design may get vary as per the availability. 

History :

The Svengali Deck was introduced by Burling Hull in 1909.

In the 1960s, magician Marshall Brodien sold millions of these decks, calling them TV Magic Cards. Marshall Brodien played "Wizzo" on WGN-TV's Bozo Show, broadcast from Chicago.

The Force Deck principle appears in magic books as early as 1560.

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