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The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal

The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal
The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal
The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal
The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal
The Regal Cop Wallet by David Regal
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This is the smoothest card-to-wallet you'll ever own. In fact, you never even have to load anything to achieve true miracles.

David Regal is one of the most innovative minds in magic. He had one goal in mind when developing the Regal Cop Wallet—to create the best card-to-wallet ever. While the basic mechanics were described in Regal's best-selling book Interpreting Magic, this is the first time a professional version has been manufactured to David's precise specifications.

As evident by the name, the Regal Cop Wallet is a gimmicked wallet that has been specially designed to work with the Gambler's Cop instead of a traditional classic palm. This helps remove any awkward or unnecessary movements and allows you to perform a card-to-wallet effect without any tell-tale signs of loading the card.

Don't perform the Gambler's Cop? Don't worry.

David will teach you everything you need to know in the included instructions. That alone is worth the price of this wallet because the Gambler's Cop is one of the most versatile card sleights you can have in your arsenal. You'll definitely be using it for the rest of your life.

The gorgeous Regal Cop Wallet has been built from scratch with incredible attention to detail. It is carefully crafted with high quality, soft black leather, and features beautifully polished elements and a silver zipper pull.

You can, and will, carry the Regal Cop Wallet with you everywhere you go. It's always ready to perform. And, as if it wasn't already good enough, this wallet is also the perfect peek wallet—making it a powerful tool for any mind-reading routine.

A wallet with this level of quality and functionality is almost never found at such an affordable price. The Regal Cop Wallet is a must-have accessory for any magician or mentalist.

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