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Chop Cup Pint (Black)

Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
Chop Cup Pint (Black)
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You can do AMAZING EFFECTS with just this ONE MAGIC CUP!

This is a Pint shaped chop cup made in black wood finishing.

The Chop Cup is the classic Cups and Balls effect using just one cup and one ball!

The ball can be made to magically jump from the hand to the pocket and back again, and so much more. 
A great routine can climax with the production of a piece of fruit - or a larger ball- from under the cup!

So many effects are possible.

This beautiful cup is specially made of Solid Wood and polished to a warm shine. Your audience is sure to take note of this exquisite prop but still won't suspect its hidden nature.


  • One Gimmicked Spun wooden Cup 
  • Two Red Crocheted balls
  • Basic Instruction sheet


Our Closeup Pads give you a great working surface, cushioning the dropping balls and keeping them from rolling off the table easily. 
Our  Magicians' Wand is nicely balanced and easy to use in your routines.

Replacement or extra balls are available separately. 

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