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Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic

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Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
Hippity Hop Rabbits - Mini Plastic
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A guaranteed kid pleaser

Easier to handle- even for smaller hands!
Great for situations with a smaller audience, too!

This colorful comedy trick has a startling surprise climax - a great "sucker effect" in which the audience screams that they know "how it's done" just to discover they didn't know after all!

You start by showing two cute wooden cut-outs of rabbits. 
One is a white rabbit and the other a black rabbit. 
A cover, decorated with a white top hat, is placed over the white rabbit, and a cover with a black top hat is placed over the black rabbit.

You declare that the rabbits will change places, and you turn each cover around to show its backside. 
When you lift the covers, the black top hat is now covering the white rabbit, and the white hat cover is covering the black rabbit. 
You cover the rabbits again, turn them around again, and now the white rabbit is back under the white top hat cover, the black rabbit under the black top hat cover.

Is it obvious to everyone that all you have done is turn the covers and cutouts to show their backsides??

That's the point!! 
You perform this "magical switch" at least three times - and the audience will becomes more excited and more vocal as the trick progresses. 
Yes, the rabbits change places, but the audience can't miss the way you keep turning the covers (and their contents) throughout the sequence. 
"You're turning it around!", they'll insist. 
At the finish, they will be literally shouting at you to "turn it around" so they can prove to you that the white rabbit has a black rabbit on its reverse side and the black rabbit has a white rabbit on its reverse side. 
And that's exactly what you want to happen!

Because imagine the laughter and surprise and applause when you finally turn the rabbits around to reveal- the reverse side of the white rabbit is really RED and the reverse side of the black rabbit is really GREEN! 
Gets them every time!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Hippity Hop Rabbits set - SMALLER SIZE
  • printed instructions

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