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Principia Book by Harapan Ong

Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
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Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
Principia Book by Harapan Ong
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Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities. Videos began to circulate some years ago from a pair of hands doing extraordinary things. His style is natural, unassuming, and soft. But Aces appear, selections transpose, and magical things just seem to happen in Harapan's hands.

Principia is our very favorite kind of magic book: the kind of book that you pour over every page, trying out each and every piece Harapan describes. EVERY single effect in the book (and there are 60 effects described) is practical, and fun and radically new. You also receive a special packet of gimmicked cards to use with some of the effects.

The concept of Principia is a magic book fused with a scientific paper on physics. By day, Harapan is a physics teacher and he uses the same laser-focus and precision in both his career and his magic.

The book features impromptu magic, gaffed card magic, and dead-on easy tricks you can do the first time you try. We predict that Principia will be the most talked-about card book of the year, and that it will be studied and returned to for many years to come.

The regular edition is the orange book photographed, and the limited deluxe edition of Principia is the blue book and slipcase.

Hardcover –  253 pages. 

NOTE: Principia is now in its second Edition printing. The gimmicked cards are no longer included.


“Wonderful”David Williamson
“My favourite magician.”Stephen Long / Hector Chadwick
“Buy it!”Tony Chang
“Buy the book.”Kevin Ho
“The most beautifully constructed card magic I’ve ever seen.”Henry Harrius

Contents of Principia

  • Thinking Like a Physicist 

  • Streamlined Pocket Transposition 

  • The Card Across 

  • On Producing a Four-of-a-Kind 

  • Hadouken Production 

  • Stress Production 

  • Passport Production 

  • Kaleidoscope Production 

  • Straight Ace 

  • Poker Player’s Picnic Plus 

  • Michalevator 

  • Jacob’s Elevator 

  • Royal Explosion One 

  • Royal Explosion Two 

  • Simple Bean Aces 

  • Daley’s Last Sandwiches 

  • Sudden Surprise Sandwich 

  • Head Over Heels, Face to Face 

  • Triumph Squared 

  • Play It Crooked 

  • Twisting Morph 

  • Three Degrees of Separation 

  • Direct Triple Prediction 

  • Sandwich-ception 

  • Oops 

  • Three Chances 

  • Bigger Transpo 

  • Tiny Transpo 

  • Perspective 

  • Faro Pharaoh 

  • Extensions to the Cheek to Cheek Deck 

  • Dude, You’re not Even Trying 

  • The More You Shuffle 

  • Followers of Christ 

  • Countdown Packet 

  • Rapid Fire Benzais 

  • That Escalated Quickly 

  • Particle Physics 

  • Daley Express 

  • Triumph in the Trash 

  • Blank in the Bin 

  • Remix in the Rubbish 

  • King’s Overture 

  • On the Alfonso-Giobbi Twisting sequence 

  • Cascading Twist 

  • Plot Twist 

  • Gag Packs 

  • Change Back 

  • One Direction 

  • World’s Smallest Colour Change 

  • Direct Ambigrams 

  • The Law of Non-Conservation of Card Magic 

  • Tawanokomu 

  • Checkmate 

  • Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat 

  • Flexacard 

  • The Frog Prince 

  • 2 + 2 = 4 

  • 4, 3, 2, 1 

  • On the Fundamental Structures of Routines 

  • On Apophenia and Coincidence Effects 

  • On Magic, Evolution and Bottom-Up Design 

  • Thoughts on “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained” 

  • Count or Spell 

  • Twisted Choices 

  • A Blind Mess 

  • What Magicians Can Learn From Scientists

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