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Repeat Crystal Casket

Repeat Crystal Casket

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A startling instant bit of unbelievable Clear magic!

Have you ever dreamed of impressing your audience with an awesome trick, yet very easy to do?

Start by presenting a transparent box to your audience that is totally empty inside. With a few magic words, the box fills instantaneously with a large colored ball ! You then open the lid of the box and take out the ball. The transparent box is closed and shown empty again.

This Production Casket is ideal for use in a sponge ball or silk routine, where the ball or silks are vanished, and reappear visibly in the box. Alternately, you can produce a silk or ball, then proceed to perform some other routine - like a sponge ball routine, or a silk effect.

A few more magic words and the box if filled with colorful flowers.

Very easy to do.

Supplied Complete with flowers + 1 ball required for the effect and instruction sheet…Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches.


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