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Technique Playing Cards

Technique Playing Cards

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Cardistry buffs rejoice! And future cardistry buffs, you rejoice, too! For the first time, there is a deck of cards designed specifically to help you create cardistry instantly!

Each deck has a border with five pairs of colors arranged opposite from each other on the back borders. These colors then change positions from card to card. All you do is pick a contact point for your fingers and stick to that color as you break off new packets. Now you'll be creating new movement and getting those creative juices flowing every time you reveal a new card! 

Aside from the revolutionary backs, the faces use a color palette of vibrant pinks, blues, golds, and grays for an appealing array of face colors when flourishing.

So just pick a color and see where it leads you! Order your decks today!


"Technique Playing Cards helps push your creative side and force you into new spaces, accelerating your learning and understanding of cardistry tenfold!"Sean O.


"I've never been able to create a single flourish in my life... but with these cards I think I finally have a chance."Blake Vogt


"It's a rainbow towards imagination. It can change the way we think."Shivraj Morzaria


"Create flourishes in seconds! Expand your mind with forced grips that boost your arsenal."CJ Ocampo


"Technique is going to change how we learn and develop new cardistry moves."Edgar "World Champ"


"Chris is onto something. Love this."Zach Mueller
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