posted on 08/11/2014
Mohammad Aslam - jallandhar
Many of customers have doubt in paying in advance and online banking problems.Trust me very simple procedure and user friendly.You will receive your order with in a week it will be shipped less than a week. Prices and good. But item are subjected to availabilty.
posted on 07/11/2014
Dr. Nikhil Kapoor - New Delhi
Good collection, proper description of products, follow up messages about status of shipment, timely delivery and goods in Mint condition . Thank you very much. I didn't know online shopping was so comfortable. My son loved it . Thanks again.
posted on 06/11/2014
amoghbrata - agartala
Very good products at a very cheap rate, i am with all products that i got from here. It says that it is the "FIRST CHOICE FOR MAGICIANS TO SHOP ONLINE" but according to me its the only one
Thank you
posted on 27/10/2014
roi - Tirat Carmel ISREAL
Would recommend. Shop highly reliable. Magic coming very soon. Good quality products. Thank you very much I will buy with you
posted on 22/10/2014
Nicu Ochiana - Iasi / Romania
Impeccable service order / delivery. Efficiency. Price / quality = attractive. I would like to give more attention to work manually. Some tricks are stained, dirty places (sloppy job). Overall is ok. Further success!
posted on 20/10/2014
subhayan - kolkata
excellnt experience tnks nikhil for ur excellt product supplying a little upset first for slow shipping but very happy afterwards..
posted on 18/10/2014
I was very pleasantly surprised by the way the entire transaction process unfolded so systematically and professionally..starting from placing the order..Online payment ....getting on mail confirmation..tracking system..the best part was the packaging..it was superb..a lot of research must have gone into it.
The product was as advertised ..

Good Job team NMS..:)

posted on 16/10/2014
Nilesh - faridabad
I wont say 1 of the best in India but I would say the best in India I did not find any other site where I could pay through credit all was cheque and transfer messy work but here its so easy and I have never had as fast shipping as here it charges 170rs for me but its totally worth it
posted on 15/10/2014
Omanakuttan - Kottakkal, Malappuram
Dear sir,
I receive your products..... Thank you... Best Quality Products..... Wishes.,..

posted on 06/10/2014
Reet Bhattacharya - kolkata
nikhils magic shop is an extremely trusted and a really awesome place to by powerful magic prop. i love it.
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