posted on 14/08/2015
Kiran - Delhi
No. #1 Magic Website! I Have Been To Other Magic Websites And They Don't Have All The Cool Products Like NMS. NMS Goes In Great Detail on All Of Their Tricks. They Have A Great Customer Service, And Really Fast Shipping. I Love NMS
posted on 13/07/2015
Arani Dutta - Kolkata
The equipments that I bought they were good. Also delivery was in time,only one of the cups amongst 3 cups of cups and balls trick was deformed which is very disappointing
posted on 30/06/2015
Shashikant -
Cheap, tried and tested... Best quality products.. Exactly as you see on website.. Recommend to all...!!!
posted on 27/06/2015
Anil - Indore
You sell variety of magic trick as compared to other dealers, I Like Spirit Slate Trick & Forcing deck. Thanks for that
posted on 26/06/2015
Ravi Subramanian - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Indian
The magic props purchased by me from you are very much attractive. The instructions attached to every prop is very useful to me. My suggenstion is that a CD may be attached for the magic props instead of writing notes which is very easier for the beginner magician like me. My mark to Nikhil's Magic shop is 90%. please try to get 100% mark. The swami nail writer purchased from you did not serve the purpose please.
posted on 24/06/2015
Jatin - chennai
NMS has been awesome over the years. It sells quality products at the cheapest rates.
posted on 22/06/2015
Nikhils has a Very good selection of magic and at very reasonable prices. The service is fast, although shipping to the USA is a little expensive
posted on 22/06/2015
Gandalf - Kodaikanal
Thank for your high quality items and timely service. I fully recommend buying from your shop.
posted on 04/06/2015
Sachin Rai - Kalyan (Mumbai)
One thing that I rally like about NMS is that their prompt service. I like in Mumbai and they courier the product form pune within 24 hours. I Like that. They have variety of product from different range. NMS price is also low compare to other online shops. Please start some discount system or coupon system for regular customers. Congrats and all the best for future. AND ONE THING MORE, YOU ARE THE BEST.
posted on 02/06/2015
Anurag Sharma - Sikkim
Nms delivers prompt service n is da most renowned magic shop in India due to its efficiency in catering latest n most innovative products n downloads .It is simply on da top of da list.
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