posted on 10/08/2016
Krish Sunny
Thanks so much for all the help you did. It really made me feel so welcoming with your services and products.
posted on 12/07/2016
This is a great site to but magic products from. you ask for it and NMS has got it. Plus the delivery is extremely efficient.Great job by NMS. Just one request, please make delivery free.
posted on 12/07/2016
B.K. Chandrakant S
I like your magic shop. And your products.
posted on 08/07/2016
Nms is a very good website ,I only buy magic tricks from nms .I use their app to buy magic tricks and I have small request that nms should also be in windows.Their app is for android pls make it windows also thank u
posted on 29/06/2016
Indranil Ray
I am quite impressed with the service rendered by NMS. Whenever I visit the site, I find some new item on offer. The prices are reasonable and it’s easy to order. Quality and packing of the items are also appreciable.
My best wishes are with the NMS team for rendering International class service to the magic community.
Indranil Ray
College Para, Rampurhat
Birbhum, West Bengal PIN - 731224
posted on 25/06/2016
Its good and a quick service for customers. But one problem for some customers like me who have slow internet connections we cannot watch our Instant downloads videos we had purchased.So I suggest this shop will have some options for a Cd or download version in the coming future. But other the less all things are well and shipped nicely.
posted on 21/06/2016
Well one cannot get tired by complementing NMS. Excellent service and the products are delivered to you in the perfect condition. Thanks NMS.
posted on 19/06/2016
I brought about 7 products ! im satisfied bcz its comes in a protected pakage and every single product is genuine and better in quality.
posted on 18/06/2016
NMS is the best magic selling website in india
Thank u NMS
posted on 06/06/2016
NMS is the best online shop available in India , they are doing a great job , brings the latest product as soon as it is released , always waiting for the new products to launch. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
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