posted on 10/07/2013
artist venkatesh - trichy
its really cool that the order crosses 1,191km with safe packing and reaches me within -4 days. really a dedicated work done by NMS team.
posted on 07/07/2013
Abhishek Khatri - DELHI
it has been more then a year buying products form NMS.
I'AM VERY satisfied with every purchase.....GOOD DELIVERY SERVICE :)
posted on 28/06/2013
Magician Nicu Ochiana - Iasi - Romania
I bought twice and am satisfied with the service provided.I encourage all those who want to buy that product report / price is good.I intend in the future to buy more products from Nikhils Magic.Here you will find everything from beginning to advanced.
posted on 09/06/2013
psv - kochi
iIam very happy to have found this site. Excellent quality products and excellent service. Te products are competetivly priced. The good part is adding up of tricks on regular basis. wish you may grow more and we get to more from your site.
posted on 29/05/2013
Dasharath - Chennai

Thanks for your prompt service. Delivery was fast and thanks for adding netbanking service.

I liked all the tricks.

posted on 19/05/2013
arulkumar - Thanjavur
my only suggestion is " keep it up "... U r doing a very gud job, i could find ur dedication in ur duty..

reasons for the stars:
1.product quality is good
2.delivery time is acceptable
3.periodic addition of new tricks
4.product categorisation in website
5.dedication and reliability
posted on 09/04/2013
Thushar - B.C road
I liked your service and delivery speed very much but did not like trhe quality of fanning cards at all
posted on 22/03/2013
shakeel - chennnai
wow...i am really impressed by the quality and the time saving delivery these guys have given...i have tried many magic sites but i must say this with open heart that this is the best among them...thank u for ur service i am relly impressed and will continue to buy from this site..
posted on 18/03/2013
Vijay sharma - delhi
I just wanted to thank you for the very fast and efficient service that we received. I was so pleasantly surprised when, within a week of placing the order for my son, the parcel arrived all the way vary fast!! It saved me an extended period of daily inquisition from my son as to when his magic tricks order would arrive. He is so happy with it, and we'll definitely shop with you again in the future.
posted on 16/03/2013
Magician Prabhav - Hyderabad
I have ordered the items through DTDC parcel service. I was given a tracking number and I was virtually able to watch my parcel ship to me and I received my order within 24 hours. Great speed in delivering. Thanks for that. My advice to everyone, please search the internet and other video networking sites such as youtube to check the performance of the trick, before you purchase it and if the trick does not have a video or an article related to it, please call the shop and ask about the item.

With two tricks, I faced this problem.

I got the "micro indian thread reel". I was unable to view a video or an article about it and as soon as I tried to perform the trick, it broke. Also I bough the "cellphone through bottle trick" and I am unable to use it because the thumb tip sent with the item, does not fit my thumb. Except those, good service at reasonable price.
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