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Street Magic
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Watch by Jacques Le Sueur (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

"Watch" is a new spin on the old idea of stealing a watch - it's a reliable technique ..

Rs. 1,550.00

Mental Photo Deck Bicycle (BLUE)

Easy To DO!No Sleight Of Hand Required!An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to d..

Rs. 850.00

EVP by Alan Rorrison Out Of Stock

EVP by Alan Rorrison

"EVP is a genius idea and can be applied in more than one way.... I had to have it on my show!"-..

Rs. 6,600.00

Melting Coin Plastic

Can steel really melt through steel? This classic melting coin trick will teach you how to slide a ..

Rs. 75.00

Kinetic PK Ring (Gold) Curved size 10 ( 20mm ) Out Of Stock

Kinetic PK Ring (Gold) Curved size 10 ( 20mm )

The Kinetic Ring is a staple in magic that has now reached a next level of evolution & engineeri..

Rs. 2,500.00

Mental Epic Slate, Pocket Size

Close-Up Mental EffectYou show a small slate that is divided into six sections. The upper three ..

Rs. 210.00

GREED Starring Daniel Garcia (DVD)

The complete routine with FOUR ULTRA-VISUAL PHASES and THE KICKER ENDING that le..

Rs. 1,850.00

Fair Play (DVD and Gimmick) by Steve Haynes Out Of Stock

Fair Play (DVD and Gimmick) by Steve Haynes

PAUL HARRIS PRESENTS FAIR PLAY UK EDITIONGimmick created by Steve Haynes & Uday Jadugar..

Rs. 2,600.00

Liquid Metal Starring Morgan Strebler (DVD)

This is the DVD release we're most famous for in the magic world. Morgan's routine shocked our fri..

Rs. 2,050.00

Cinch by Shaun Robison (DVD + Gimmick)

Blank paper to real money -- in the blink of an eye.Cinch is a bill change that lives up to its ..

Rs. 1,700.00

Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman (DVD)

The most influential card DVD of the last decade. COMPLETELY UPDATED AND EXPANDED. Go from beginner ..

Rs. 1,800.00

Security Lock by Tenyo

In Stock NOW for immediate shipment!! Lubor’s Simple yet Extremely ingenious idea creates the re..

Rs. 1,350.00

Bently by Chris Hanowell (DVD + Supplies)

The ultimate mind-bending MIRACLE. Easy to learn, and uses ordinary paperclips.  HIGHLY RE..

Rs. 1,450.00

What am I thinking? by Marc Spelmann (DVD)

Walk into a room, and walk out knowing EVERYTHING. Pure, no-setup mind-reading at its best. NINE REP..

Rs. 2,150.00


Classic Mental Magic Effect, Best for Close Up & StreetThis is a very easy yet extre..

Rs. 315.00

Classifying Deck by Granell Magic

Classifying Deck By Granell Magic IncWith this deck you can cut the exact amount of cards you wi..

Rs. 1,850.00

SCAR (DVD & Gimmicks) by Spidey Out Of Stock

SCAR (DVD & Gimmicks) by Spidey

SCAR is a custom made gimmick which allows you to literally turn an endless number of everyday objec..

Rs. 2,000.00

Chinese Coin Color Change

Chinese Color Changing CoinThe magician show the audience a Chinese coin, both sides of which ar..

Rs. 550.00

The Poker Test 2.0 by Erik Casey (DVD + Gimmicks)

The world's best poker trick is NOW BETTER THAN EVER. Completely new method allows you to use AN..

Rs. 1,600.00

Sparks by JC James (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)


Rs. 1,500.00

The Social Deck (DVD and Gimmick)

Card magic meets Facebook. Take you card magic to the 21st century!"Wow. Gaff deck meets Faceboo..

Rs. 3,350.00

Fax by Loki Kross (DVD)

Imagine a signed ambitious card trick they do TO THEMSELVES. This changes EVERYTHING. "..

Rs. 2,150.00

Foresight (DVD and Gimmick) by Oliver Smith Out Of Stock

Foresight (DVD and Gimmick) by Oliver Smith

Amazing Magic Trick with ESP Symbols If magic and mentalism made a baby, this would be it!Fo..

Rs. 2,350.00

ACE by Richard Sanders ( Gimmick + DVD )

4 cards change IN THEIR OWN HANDS."LOVE IT!" -Jeff Kaylor"I have received the best reactions..

Rs. 1,399.00

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