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Stage Magic
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Hare Rama Beads Out Of Stock

Hare Rama Beads

This is a very effective trick, in the mental vein.The performer shows a necklace of Pop-Out Bea..

Rs. 75.00

Mouth Coils - White

Mouth Coils are a classic piece of magic that entertains all ages. Both Mark and Paul use them to gr..

Rs. 120.00

Mouth Coils claasic white

These Mouth Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a productio..

Rs. 120.00

Snowstorm RED Out Of Stock

Snowstorm RED

The 'Snow Storm In China' is one of the most visually appealing of magic effects. Now made in a supe..

Rs. 100.00

Crystal Switch Box

Endless choices of effects can be done with this box. For example: you ask for paper money from a sp..

Rs. 1,200.00

Cane Plumes (Professional)

This beautiful flower bouquet is the perfect addition to your vanishing cane effect. Load these inst..

Rs. 250.00

Torch of Fire to Five to Cane

In the magician's hand, there is just one torch of fire which will be instantaneously change..

Rs. 1,500.00

Auto-Lit Vanishing Torch

Instantly produce a flame without a match or lighter!  A large flaming torch completely vanishes an..

Rs. 250.00

Giant Snaky Wand -9%

Giant Snaky Wand

Magic Wand is the signature for every magician. It represents magic.Giant Magic wand is the powe..

Rs. 550.00 Rs. 500.00

Super Cane To Flower

The perfect trick for any stage, Very colorful Opening.. The magician Walk on stage wit..

Rs. 2,650.00

The 5th Assistant Out Of Stock

The 5th Assistant

A Real World and Flexible Pocket Tool Show your pockets empty then product any obje..

Rs. 300.00

Breath (card) by Sumit Chhajer

 "A young faro lost in the desert walks aimlessly. He happens upon a beautiful sto..

Rs. 450.00

ATR (and rising) Rose by Sumit Chhajer

This is an automatic version of the popular Torch To Rose effect, making the workings easier, and en..

Rs. 450.00

Breath (ESP) by Sumit Chhajer

"A young faro lost in the desert walks aimlessly. He happens upon a beautiful stone half buried ..

Rs. 450.00

Ever Filling Glass Locking (Standard)

Performer shows a transparent glass full of liquid such as Milk, Coke etc. He drinks from it, till t..

Rs. 120.00

Automatic Square To Jumbo Dice

The performer shows a flat square board bearing a single large spot on one side. Turning it over, th..

Rs. 550.00

Fanning and Manipulation Cards

These are the Thinest Professional Fanning and Manipulation Cards. Must for every Card magic Perform..

Rs. 240.00

Milk Magazine

The performer displays a magazine or newspaper and folds it up. He then proceeds to pour liquid into..

Rs. 40.00



Magicians dating back over 100 years have been fascinated with gimmicked coins. One of the most ..

Rs. 600.00 Rs. 500.00

Blade Eating Mystery

The Razor Blade Mystery is one of those Bizarre effects that has caught the imagination of performer..

Rs. 200.00

Slate of Mind

Slate of mind was created by U.F.Grant in the 1940s. An excellent effect, that we are pleased to re-..

Rs. 190.00

Coffee Vase ( Brass )

The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to edible liquid Coffe..

Rs. 1,500.00

Three Card Monte - Giant

Three Card Monte - Giant Stage SizeThe classic Three Card Monte with giant cards.The tric..

Rs. 900.00

Instant Appearing Tie

Performer, at any time during their act, can add a magical touch with this Instant Appearing Tie eff..

Rs. 250.00

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