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Manipulation cards (FLESH BACK)

Fanning and Manipulation CardsThis is special manipulating cards, extra thin Skin Colored back, ..

Rs. 260.00

Presto Clock - How Time Flies

Presto! You'll learn this one in a minute!A quick effect that shows up well for a crowd! Tried a..

Rs. 800.00

Plate through Arm

This is a very effective and baffling penetration effect that requires little more than correct hand..

Rs. 1,700.00

Silk Streamer ( Zebra B&W) 18 feet

Zebra Streamer Production Silk - 5" x 18 Feet Silks have a wide variety of uses in magic, fr..

Rs. 450.00

Silk Streamer ( Rainbow ) 18 feet Out Of Stock

Silk Streamer ( Rainbow ) 18 feet

NEW SIZE! Seems to never end!Need something super long and super colorful to produce.. This is t..

Rs. 450.00

Guitar Production from Book

Magician shows a book of music History freely from all sides now he opens it and shows there are few..

Rs. 2,800.00

Master Prediction System Out Of Stock

Master Prediction System

What is it? It is the Master Prediction System, the most mystifying, practical and portable all-purp..

Rs. 10,990.00

Mirror Glass Blendo

This is a novel Mirror Glass, which makes possible some effective changes. In this set, we supply it..

Rs. 1,050.00

Flaming Torch to Cane - Black Color(Auto-Ignition and Oil Anti-Volatilization)

Have you ever wished you could open your magic act with something quick AND flashy? A LARGE flaming ..

Rs. 950.00

Metal Appearing Cane - Red Out Of Stock

Metal Appearing Cane - Red

RED Metal Appearing Cane IMPORTEDbest cane available in market.A full size cane appears ins..

Rs. 600.00


We are delighted to bring you this very off-beat Egg Bag variation sparked by The Hen Bag, described..

Rs. 460.00

Magi Cow and Frog

(Effect) Magician shows a “Cow” and a “Frog” board. He also introduces an empty envelope and an emp..

Rs. 250.00

Metallic Flower Bouquet (36cm)

This compact folding bundle spring opens to form a glittering display of color.  Extremely wel..

Rs. 260.00

Four Square Blendo - 36 in

Blendo effects have been popular on stage for years.The performer displays four colored silk han..

Rs. 850.00


UFG is, without a doubt, the ultimate fire gimmick! With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG, you can ..

Rs. 400.00

Monster Pad

BEST & CLEAN MENTALISM  PROP EVER MADE ...A spectator shuffles the deck then chooses a ..

Rs. 4,000.00

Four Nightmares DX

Your audience will be amazed with unexpected, rollercoaster of climaxes!! It's just like a nightmare..

Rs. 750.00

Ring & Ribbon Out Of Stock

Ring & Ribbon

“Ring and Ribbon” is one of the best penetration effects you have ever seen!The ribbon appears t..

Rs. 950.00

Professional Appearing Cane Yellow Metal

Do you know what cane is used for many professional magicians all over the world ?   ..

Rs. 750.00


Followers (Swapper Aces)This is Classic And Effective card magc Tricks Ready To perform anytime...

Rs. 340.00

Super Walking Knot Out Of Stock

Super Walking Knot

Super Walking Knot Trick has won several international awards like “FISM INVENTION AWARD“ and we..

Rs. 1,300.00

Floating table (Standard Model) Out Of Stock

Floating table (Standard Model)

The perfect levitation effect. Your audience will not believe what they see!A solid Table, which..

Rs. 2,100.00

Appearing Bird Cage - Big ( Imported )

This is by far one of the most in-demand props in all of magic! The Appearing Bird Cage is a truly a..

Rs. 2,700.00

Appearing Bird Cage - Medium ( Imported )

This is by far one of the most in-demand props in all of magic! The Appearing Bird Cage is a truly a..

Rs. 2,250.00

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