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Stage Magic
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Bug Writer

The great British magician Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with his invention: the Boon Wr..

Rs. 349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 349.00

Mouth Coil - Green

Produce a long Green paper streamer from your mouth! It's so easy- and it looks amazing! Thes..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Diamond Paper Tear (3-Times)

Many performers consider it the most amazing restoration ! Highly Recommended! Newpaper Restorati..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Fan to Hat (Money Version)

Flashy, fun and functional! The performer produces and displays a large fan of money (USD). H..

Rs. 1,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,999.00

Illusion Money box Folding (With Indian & US Bills)

The magician show a empty box, with a magic shake, the box is filled with money or flower. you ca..

Rs. 5,249.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,249.00

Magic wand Wood (11 inch)

The choice of professional magicians! A wonderful quality wood Magician's Wand! Every magician..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Ball Of Fire Gimmick

Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time! This unit contains a retractable flash un..

Rs. 449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 449.00

Folding Top hat - Colored

A Top Hat is a must for every magician, and now every one can afford one. Folds flat, and springs ou..

Rs. 899.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 899.00

Tricky Turvy Bottles

A sure fire laugh getter! Two bottles and two covers are used. A spectator uses one set and you use ..

Rs. 799.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 799.00

Black Art Well Table

The table a magician uses on stage should be sturdy, smart and attractive, convenient to use and lig..

Rs. 2,099.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,099.00

Giant Three Card Monte Plus

This is a Three Card Monte or Find The Queen effect with a difference.  In the normal routine, th..

Rs. 169.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 169.00

Ring Vanishing Handkerchief

There are many effects that require the vanish of a borrowed ring, which is later reproduced from a ..

Rs. 109.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 109.00

Vanishing Cane To Flower Magnetic

Make your show more colorful, visual and attractive. Produce full size flower stem in stand just ..

Rs. 1,679.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,679.00

Prediction Made Visible -17 %

Prediction Made Visible

Magician shows a large envelope, and place on table, now he ask spectator to select any card from pl..

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 250.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 250.00

Magicians Tail Coat

EVERY MAGICIAN MUST HAVE !! The tail coat is an important accessory for a stage magician. It help..

Rs. 5,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,199.00

Cigarette Production Gimmick

The magician 'catches' cigarettes from the air, behind his head and many other places. Each cigarett..

Rs. 19.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 19.00

Doll Puppet -57 %

Doll Puppet

What a clever idea! Puppets are always favorite of comedy magicians and children's entertainers! Yo..

Rs. 2,350.00 Rs. 999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 999.00

Dove Harness (Newspaper Style)

You will produce Doves professionally from a piece of newspaper. the perfect fabric for the class..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Change Bag - Repeat with Zipper

Easy way to make items appear and vanish Twice! The Change Bag is a classic utility prop for maki..

Rs. 579.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 579.00

Change Bag - Repeat Out Of Stock

Change Bag - Repeat

This is a very high quality change bag. OK, I must admit, when this repeat model first came out,..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

Calendar Presage by Paul Romhany

IMAGINE being able to perform at least SIX DIFFERENT routines from one pocket calendar. A years w..

Rs. 2,899.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,899.00

Impact Cube

A puzzle cube visually & instantly changes into chocolate? Super Visual Cube Magic! (Effect) Magici..

Rs. 689.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 689.00

Jumbo Quick Switch Plus

We supply you seven special Jumbo Cards, and you can perform a number of different tricks with them,..

Rs. 89.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00

Split Multicolor Streamer

The performer displays a streamer striped Red and Yellow, which is shown freely all around..   He w..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

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