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Stage Magic
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Prediction Made Visible

Magician shows a large envelope, and place on table, now he ask spectator to select any card from pl..

Rs. 250.00

Magicians Tail Coat

EVERY MAGICIAN MUST HAVE !!The tail coat is an important accessory for a stage magician. It help..

Rs. 5,200.00

Cigarette Producto Gimmick

The magician 'catches' cigarettes from the air, behind his head and many other places. Each cigarett..

Rs. 15.00


What a clever idea! Puppets are always favorite of comedy magicians and children's entertainers! Yo..

Rs. 2,350.00

Snake Wand Surprise!

Take your kid's show to the next level! We have taken the classic Jumbo Snake Wand and put it on..

Rs. 2,950.00

Dove Harness (Newspaper style)

You will produce Doves professionally from a piece of newspaper.the perfect fabric for the class..

Rs. 150.00

Change Bag Repeat with Zipper

Easy way to make items appear and vanish Twice!The Change Bag is a classic utility prop for maki..

Rs. 485.00

Change Bag Repeat

This is a very high quality change bag.OK, I must admit, when this repeat model first came out,..

Rs. 400.00

Calendar Presage by Paul Romhany

IMAGINE being able to perform at least SIX DIFFERENT routines from one pocket calendar.A years w..

Rs. 2,900.00

Zone Zero II Printed Board (w/ DVD) by Jerry Andrus

When you mention tricks created by Jerry Andrus, several classics of magic come to mind: his Linking..

Rs. 3,300.00

Impact Cube

A puzzle cube visually & instantly changes into chocolate? Super Visual Cube Magic! (Effect) Magici..

Rs. 650.00

Deans Box (Folding)

This is Folding version of classic den’s Box Effect , Effect: The performer is able to link two ..

Rs. 2,000.00

Jumbo Quick Switch Plus

We supply you seven special Jumbo Cards, and you can perform a number of different tricks with them,..

Rs. 85.00

Split Multicolor Streamer

The performer displays a streamer striped Red and Yellow, which is shown freely all around..   He w..

Rs. 600.00

Frightening Spike

This is a very simple, yet highly dramatic effect, that can be the feature of your act. It is also e..

Rs. 600.00

Its Magic Bag Blendo

The performer displays four large silks colored black, white, red and yellow and an empty blue bag. ..

Rs. 900.00

Dream Act by Shin Lim Out Of Stock

Dream Act by Shin Lim

In the 2015 FISM World Championships of magic in Rimini Italy, Shin lim was crowned the FISM World C..

Rs. 13,450.00

Mysterious Box

Here is a clever and surprising little box that is guaranteed to deliver huge entertainment value! G..

Rs. 1,650.00


Master Mind Cards are the creation of Prof. Pushp of Mumbai.  A strong mental effect using jumbo car..

Rs. 150.00

Headline Prediction (Pro Series Vol 8) by Paul Romhany ( eBook DOWNLOAD )

As any seasoned professional performer will tell you, performing a headline prediction is one of the..

Rs. 1,360.00

Ultra Diminishing Card

Effect : A fan of regular size cards repeatedly diminishes several times to half, then a quarter, th..

Rs. 180.00

Zipper Egg Bag

The Zipper Egg Bag is similar in working and effect to the Regular Egg Bag. An egg placed in the bag..

Rs. 175.00

Spring Flower Giant (Mylar)

These flowers POP open all by themselves!POP! Colorful Mylar paper spring flowers that fold flat..

Rs. 400.00

Tel's bell Out Of Stock

Tel's bell

This is a KILLER comedy bit !!!! This marvelous mechanical brass bell can be slotted into lo..

Rs. 2,490.00

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