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Vectra X2 Stage Edition New

Vectra X2 Stage Edition

“i simply cannot believe how strong this thread really is, sure is not very invisible but still mana..

Rs. 1,450.00



Magic with golf balls!Hold a ball between your fingertips. In the blink of an eye- there are two..

Rs. 60.00

RUBICON by Gregory Wilson New

RUBICON by Gregory Wilson

The most anticipated trick of the year. This reputation-maker has been perfected over 10 years in Gr..

Rs. 23,850.00

Ultimate Prediction Board - Stage Size New

Ultimate Prediction Board - Stage Size

Ultimate Prediction Board - LargeFinally, a prediction board you can count on, allowing you to c..

Rs. 4,500.00

Multiplying Golf Balls (Green) New

Multiplying Golf Balls (Green)

Magic with golf balls!Hold a ball between your fingertips. In the blink of an eye- there are two..

Rs. 60.00



The Devil Hanky is a very useful accessory, for vanishing any item, like a watch, coin, ring, … anyt..

Rs. 135.00

Sparkling Flash Paper Out Of Stock

Sparkling Flash Paper

Made out from the same premium quality as normal Flash paper, with a sparkling effect added on. Exce..

Rs. 180.00

Bug Writer

The great British magician Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with his invention: the Boon Wr..

Rs. 350.00

Zig Zag Bottle (3 in 1)

This is New Version of classic Zig-zag Magic trick In Bottle Model, This is Version has 3 effects In..

Rs. 1,800.00

Mouth Coil Green

Produce a long Green paper streamer from your mouth! It's so easy- and it looks amazing!Thes..

Rs. 120.00

Diamond Paper Tear (3-Times)

Many performers consider it the most amazing restoration ! Highly Recommended!Newpaper Restorati..

Rs. 150.00

Fan to Hat (Money Version)

Flashy, fun and functional!The performer produces and displays a large fan of money (USD).H..

Rs. 1,990.00

13 Steps To Mentalism (Supreme Magic / Limited) by Tony Corinda - Book

Tony Corinda's 13 Steps To Mentalism has been considered the Bible of Mental Magic by Mentalists and..

Rs. 2,000.00

Illusion Money box Folding (With Indian & US Bills)

The magician show a empty box, with a magic shake, the box is filled with money or ca..

Rs. 5,250.00

Magic wand Wood (11 inch)

The choice of professional magicians!A wonderful quality wood Magician's Wand!Every magician..

Rs. 100.00

Ball Of Fire Gimmick

Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time!This unit contains a retractable flash un..

Rs. 450.00

Folding Top hat - Colored

A Top Hat is a must for every magician, and now every one can afford one. Folds flat, and springs ou..

Rs. 900.00

Tricky Turvy Bottles

A sure fire laugh getter! Two bottles and two covers are used. A spectator uses one set and you use ..

Rs. 750.00

Black Art Well Table Out Of Stock

Black Art Well Table

The table a magician uses on stage should be sturdy, smart and attractive, convenient to use and lig..

Rs. 1,990.00

Ultimate Prediction Board - Parlor Out Of Stock

Ultimate Prediction Board - Parlor

Ultimate Prediction Board - ParlorThis is Perfect smaller version of the stage size Ultimate Pre..

Rs. 2,850.00

Giant Three Card Monte Plus

This is a Three Card Monte or Find The Queen effect with a difference. In the normal routine, th..

Rs. 150.00


There are many effects that require the vanish of a borrowed ring, which is later reproduced from a ..

Rs. 110.00

Vanishing Cane To Flower Magnetic

Make your show more colorful, visual and attractive.Produce full size flower stem in stand just ..

Rs. 1,500.00

Prediction Made Visible

Magician shows a large envelope, and place on table, now he ask spectator to select any card from pl..

Rs. 250.00

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