Spirit Glass Round

-7% Spirit Glass Round

A clear glass disc approx. 2" in diameter is shown that as you state "will allow you to communicate with the spirit world".

Next, the magician introduces a deck of playing cards, from which a spectator is asked to pick a card and then bring the card closer to his/her face for closer inspection and to "breathe in the essence of the card".

The card is returned to the deck, which is thoroughly shuffled. The clear glass crystal is placed on top of the deck for a moment or two and then given to the spectator to hold a few inches from his or her lips. They are asked to concentrate on the card they selected, and when they feel they have a vision of it, ask them to exhale a long slow warm breath over the scring glass.

A ghost-like image of the selected card appears in the mist & just as mysteriously, slowly vanishes! Clean the glass again with a soft cloth and repeat with another spectator and a different card if desired.

Check this one out. Seeing believes and you won't be disappointed. Neither will your audience!

"Highly Recommended!"

"Well worth it!"

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