Best quality for the price
Sukesh Pattanaik on 20/08/2017 Purchased: Card To Wallet (IN)
In comparison to prices at on line American magic shops, it is much cheaper and quality also very good. I have not seen the instructional dvd, that comes with the wallet. So i can not give any comments anout that. Only I can say it is for professional magicians not for beginner. Both loading systems are working smooth. Infact it is a men's purse, not wallet, so no jacket is required to wear. You can carry this purse in your back trouser pocket.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
floating table [with case]
thomas paul on 15/08/2017 Purchased: Floating Table ( with case )
out of four legs of table,two legs were not touching the floor and connecting wood got cracks .case is very flexible and changed shape when product was opened.
  • Rating1
  • Total:1
Best For Magic
Ashutosh on 13/08/2017 Purchased: Monarchs
The monarchs deck is my favorite, it is perfect for magic. The deck case design with gold work is insane. The doublebacker in the deck completes it.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
greatest rubber band trick out there
Jerick120 on 12/08/2017 Purchased: TRU by Menny Lindenfeld
just get this trick, you wont regret it
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
One Word- Elegant!!
Rishabh on 11/08/2017 Purchased: Memento Mori Playing Cards
These cards are superb!
Flourishy,thin and light makes them perfect for FLOURISHES and Card Magic.
They are very beautifully designed
You will love these cards!!!!
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Telekinetic power in your hand
Dhawal Chandan on 10/08/2017 Purchased: Micro Psychic
This is the magic you can have it anywhere, in your pocket ready to perform only little preparation
So visual magic
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Awesome Deck
RAKESH NATH on 09/08/2017 Purchased: Bicycle Starlight Lunar Playing Cards
Its of good quality and smooth and easy to handle . Those who are in to cardistry its a nice deck to start with and all the more its an original product . I've really enjoyed handling the Lunar deck .
  • Rating4
  • Total:4
Nice deck
Ravi Kumar on 05/08/2017 Purchased: Bicycle Playing Cards Poker (Red)
Best deck of cards I have ever used. More than satisfied.
  • Rating3
  • Total:3
P,PRASANTH SUNDARAM on 03/08/2017 Purchased: Superior (Black) Playing Cards
This cards are lovely there style and design reminds me of the aladdins. These cards are manufactured by the EXPERT PLAYING CARDS COMPANY . They feel very different from the USPCC cards if you have used their other cards then you know what I am talking about. I love the feel of the cards they feel sturdy like the Tally ho's. The back design is very lovely it is reminiscent of the FULTON'S CLIP JOINT PLAYING CARDS by DAN & DAVE. The tuck case is great is lovely it is made out tear resistant paper very durable. One of the best decks I've used.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Nice trick
Arindam Bhowmick on 30/07/2017 Purchased: Impossible Coin Matrix
Nice trick.. but practice necessary
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
They are excellent marked deck
Vivek on 25/07/2017 Purchased: Mark Deck Plastic Cards
They are excellent plastic marked deck of cards they are good for magic and card games
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Best Forcing Deck
Junaid Khalfay on 25/07/2017 Purchased: Forcing Deck (50-50)
This deck is useful in so many ways; Torn and Restored effects, Mentalism forces, Card to pocket, CAAN, Intuition tricks or that you make yourself...

The possibilities are endless. Go for it :)
  • Rating4
  • Total:4
Very Visual & Easy To Do!
Junaid Khalfay on 25/07/2017 Purchased: Impact Cube
Pros :
- It is very visual and surprising.
- The supplied materials are very good and worth the price , I'm impressed about the number of items included with this price . Even they include small close-up mat & also they include matching rubik cube.
- Very easy to do.
- They supplied you with special gimmick to keep gimmick locked in.
- It can be closer or opener for other rubik cube routines.

Cons :
- You end not clean .
- It is more suitable for parlor and stage situations , it can be done close-up if you can do proper clean-up .

Suggestions :
- For clean-up you can do the candies version and after vanishing the cube you can bend the close-up mat toward you to collect the candies and cover the cleanup .
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Sam on 23/07/2017 Purchased: Tally-Ho Fan Back - Blue
This deck is the best alternative to standard bicycle cards, the linoid finish makes it more durable and long lasting deck flexibility to the cards, must buy deck.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Best forcing deck
Junaid on 19/07/2017 Purchased: Forcing Deck (50-50)
This deck is amazing. You can do anything with the deck like mind reading, card to wallet or any kind of forcing etc. Buy this deck & impress the audience.
  • Rating4
  • Total:4
Amazing Product
Junaid on 19/07/2017 Purchased: Impact Cube
The product is amazing & very visual. The only bad thing is that you dont get a good rubik cube along with it for spectator's examination. But you can use your own rubik's cube. Overall must have close up trick for every magician.
  • Rating4
  • Total:4
Mnemonica- 10 stars
Clifford N Parakh on 18/07/2017 Purchased: Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz - Book
This book has been on the Nikhils website for over 20 days now. I expected it to sell of the very day it was put on sale. Instead of investing your Money on tricks do yourself a favor -Buy the Book.The concept in the book though requires hard work and time to master,but once you have done that you will never regret your decision of buying Mnemonica. Its worth the money. You cant measure the value of this book with its price. But be ready for some hard work. Magicians searching for instant magic better to stay away. This is not a book its a life time collection of the works of the author. Do justice to it. 10 stars.
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Aazan Makhdoomi on 18/07/2017 Purchased: Expanded Shell Half Dollar (Head) D0001 by Tango
The shell is strong and made well, but it just doesn't look like a real half dollar, it straight away looks fake.. very poor item.
I realise this is the cheapest tango shell available, that's why it ain't that good.
If you want a good shell , u probably need to spend a little more on 'T.U.C Half dollar' ,.
Don't purchase this if ur a serious coin worker.
  • Rating2
  • Total:2
Big bang
Magic Mahesh on 15/07/2017 Purchased: Big Bang
Visually beautiful. Needs practice to put that clip on to the plastic cover
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
Many uses To force
Magic Mahesh on 15/07/2017 Purchased: Super Force Bag (Clear)
It's of good quality..go buy it
  • Rating5
  • Total:5
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