Vigor Playing Cards: Blue Edition

Vigor Playing Cards: Blue Edition

Vigor Playing Cards was designed by Alvin Herp and Edo Huang, who both have made their names in the card/cardistry/magic community. 

The cards feature minimal yet practical designs to encourage their owners to shuffle with vigor. 

Same design. Different color. 

Now we would love to introduce the next chapter of Vigor Playing Cards: Blue Edition

The cards feature the same design but with a different touch of color. 

Enhanced quality. 

We did not merely print the cards in another color -- we raised the bar. 

Having listened to our beloved supporters, we are pleased to introduce a softer and thinner stock. The manufacturer, BOMBMAGIC, calls it Luxury Stock. We call it one of the best card stocks ever. 

Finish-wise, the paper features the same famous Royal Finish from BOMBMAGIC that has been endorsed and loved by many. 

Compared to the Red edition, this new edition owns a less "oily" feel, but can still fan beautifully and transform into packets easily. 

Produced by BOMBMAGIC, Printed by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Company).

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