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52 Shades of Red (Gimmicks included) Version 3 by Shin Lim New Pre-Order
Watch the trailer, and you won't believe your eyes. You, too, can perform these amazing miracles aft..
Rs. 4,999.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,999.00
Window Change by Smagic Productions New Out Of Stock
If you are looking for a perfect opener for your Money Magic Routine, this is for you. Welcome to: W..
Rs. 2,150.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,150.00
Cigarette Thru Card - Blue New
Deception taken to new heights! You take an ordinary borrowed cigarette and push it straight thro..
Rs. 89.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00
Bite Out Card - Blue New
Magician Shows a deck of cards, he tells the spectator to select any card at random, show it to the ..
Rs. 89.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00
At the Table Live Lecture - Single Custom Lecture New
If you are willing to order any AT THE TABLE LIVE LECTURE which is Not Listed on our website, you ca..
Rs. 559.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 559.00
Topit 180 Right Handed (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by David Penn New
"If real magic existed I am sure this is what it would look like! David Penn has taken this utility ..
Rs. 4,099.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,099.00
Wonder Playing Cards New
You'll be entranced how the card backs in our new deck, Wonder Playing Cards, have a swirling patter..
Rs. 749.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 749.00
Rubik's Dream by Henry Harrius New Out Of Stock
Henry Harrius is a FISM winner and Rubik's Cube magic aficionado, and is probably best known for his..
Rs. 10,990.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 10,990.00
CGI by James Keatley New Out Of Stock
The impossible has just become possible. Imagine: you draw an object on the back of a playing card. ..
Rs. 2,619.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,619.00
InstaGrab (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Patrick Kun New
Your spectators won't believe their eyes as you pull a card right off of a borrowed phone. That's ri..
Rs. 3,749.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,749.00
Easy To DO! No Sleight Of Hand Required! An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to d..
Rs. 849.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 849.00
1st Edition  World Premiere  NOW AVAILABLE!  AEY CATCHER. Life is Better With (Our) Playing Car..
Rs. 1,589.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,589.00
Our new deck, Tangram Playing Cards, is a beautiful tribute to one of the most popular dissection pu..
Rs. 749.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 749.00
The distinctive white border on these cards make them perfect for magic AND playing. LIMITED SUPPLY...
Rs. 639.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 639.00
Celebrate and honor the life of the amazing gorilla, Harambe, as you enjoy this deck.  Marvelous ..
Rs. 929.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 929.00
Grace & Gentle Playing Cards is the first exclusive deck of cards for the brand, "Grace & Gentle." T..
Rs. 899.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 899.00
Basic Clip (Black) by TCC Out Of Stock
Do you get tired of bringing out card decks from old, fraying card boxes? Those do not leave a good ..
Rs. 619.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 619.00
In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of a torn playin..
Rs. 1,089.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,089.00
From Los Angeles to London, people's jaws have literally dropped after witnessing the incredible clo..
Rs. 559.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 559.00
Ben Williams has been working behind the scenes in the magic industry for over a decade. With many t..
Rs. 559.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 559.00
Join us for two the most innovative and truly talented creators and artists in the magic world!  ..
Rs. 729.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 729.00
Chair Suspension illusion Out Of Stock
A great portable illusion for Parties, Schools, Blue & Golds and with an occasional short adult. ..
Rs. 14,990.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 14,990.00
The ultimate spelling effect - the spectator will remember that they did everything!  You hand th..
Rs. 599.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00
Go PRO! Make a great trick even better! The Stiff Rope Soft is made for YOU- the serious magician..
Rs. 149.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

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