Jig-saw Cards Mystery

Jig-saw Cards Mystery

Note : Above Video Reffers to Effect Only, Actual Product is Slightly Modified in shape But Effect will remain same

A gradual and visual miraculous restoration ! Visual restoration of a cut-up playing card!

We believe you'll be surprised by the novel idea and gimmick Provided that make this miracle possible.

A playing card that has been clearly cut into four pieces is displayed. By covering your hand over you will cause the pieces to rejoin into a single card. Piece by piece the card restores itself ! Parts of the card are always in view during the restoration, and at the end you can hand the fully-restored card to your spectators for thorough examination!

Recommended For:
Any magician that is looking for a clean, visual card restoration.

Trick Specifications:
Includes everything you need to perform this stunning effect and illustrated instructions. You my use your own cards if you wish (some preparation required.

Skill Level: Easy.

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