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Chop Cup (Aluminum)

THE ROUTINE - You begin by placing a red ball on the table beside the empty aluminum cup. You then p..

Rs. 225.00

Cups and balls (Aluminum)

A basic routine is the triple penetration of the balls through the inverted cup and onto the table s..

Rs. 400.00

Super Cup (with DVD)

NEW! This is a totally new type of "Chop Cup" that does not use the traditional Chop Cup method...

Rs. 350.00

Chop Cup (Wide Mouth)

Bigger mouth cup for a bigger surprise ending!Produce a large ball, apple or orange from this re..

Rs. 799.00

Chop Cup - Wood

This is a Chop Cup is turned wood, polished and lacquered, and an attractive "collector's quality" p..

Rs. 390.00

Chop Cup Combo Outfit (Red-White-Blue)

The Chop Cup Combo outfit (RWB) is a set of  three different colored seamless spun aluminum cups for..

Rs. 500.00

Crochet ball For Chop Cup

The right balls for the your Chop Cup!Set of TWO balls- one has a shim (piece of metal that will..

Rs. 40.00

Crochet Balls Red #4

Acessory for Cups and balls magic trick ..We supply balls with a crocheted wool covering.The..

Rs. 60.00

Cups And Balls - Large ( Copper Plated )

A classic of Magic, where balls penetrate through, appear and vanish and change to large balls or fr..

Rs. 825.00

Cups and Drinks (Gimmick + DVD)

This is definitely a good practical and life props ... "Cups and Drinks by Lucian"Differing from..

Rs. 300.00

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