InstaGrab (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Patrick Kun

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InstaGrab (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Patrick Kun

Your spectators won't believe their eyes as you pull a card right off of a borrowed phone. That's right, a borrowed phone! You can do this and more with the revolutionary InstaGrab gimmick! And it's so clean it looks like real magic!

Thanks to this special gimmick, you can pull cards, bills, billets, etc., off a picture on a phone, yours or theirs, WITHOUT using a special app. That's right, no app, because the gimmick makes it all possible. In over 40 minutes of online instruction on this versatile gimmick, you'll be taught multiple variations and principles of use, which will no doubt spark your imagination for even more handlings.

So get ready to make spectator eyes pop out of their heads with InstaGrab! Get yours today!

What you receive:

InstaGrab gimmick (Red Bicycle Back) 
- 40+ minutes of HD online instructional video 
- 3 variations taught for both iPhone and Android 
- Card from lock screen variation included

"My full review for InstaGrab by Patrick Kun. 
"This is incredible. This is extremely easy to learn. The packaging is very nice, you get an envelope with everything you need inside. The files are provided over the download. The instructions are clear and detailed, you get 40 minutes of instruction. The index is very well made out of high quality leather. Seeing as it is leather, it takes a little while to break in. This (depending on the set up) can be immediately posted to your Instagram. The best part about this is IT ISN'T LIMITED TO A CARD TO PHONE, this is a great utility device. The reactions you get with this are priceless. So now my rating (out of ten) 
"Set up: 9/10 
"Practicality: 10/10 
"Video quality and production: 10/10 
"The index: 10/10 
"Overall: 10/10 
"Highly recommended! 
"Thank you, Patrick, for this gem!"John McIntyre
"Anyone who knows me, knows I have so many methods and effects for phone magic, specifically iPhones, that you would think I'm obsessed with it, so I love a good phone effect. 
"Patrick sent me InstaGrab last night. Wow! This is seriously good! The actual pulling of the card is so so magical that I have to say that this is the most clever, beautiful and elegant illusion of its kind that I have ever seen. I was also impressed with the video quality and explanations because they are of the highest quality. 
"Thank you, Patrick, for this great effect bro."Myke Phillips
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