Coin & Money Magic

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Matrix Plus by Chiam Yu Sheng & Kelvin Trinh (video Download) New

Matrix Plus by Chiam Yu Sheng & Kelvin Trinh (video Download)

"Nice effect you guys! I like the visual."  - Dennis Kim  "Great effect. Highly visual! It's lik..

Rs. 749.00

Folding Coin (Rs.1 old coin)

A folding coin is used for the coin in bottle effect, certain coins across routines, and the now-fam..

Rs. 199.00

Quiver by Kelvin Chow

An Ellusionist Original …   QUIVER SWITCHES THINGS FOR YOU   Quiver is ..

Rs. 2,999.00

Coin Production Hank (New - Dlx)

The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed by u..

Rs. 129.00

Chinese Shell Coin Black (Half Dollar Size) Out Of Stock

Chinese Shell Coin Black (Half Dollar Size)

Precision made, this shell coins are manufactured to nest over the Half Dollar Chinese coin (Provide..

Rs. 229.00

Jumbo Coin Holder

This is a special holder to hold a  jumbo coin securely under your jacket until you need it.  Now yo..

Rs. 129.00

Triple TUC Half Dollar (D0183) by Tango Out Of Stock

Triple TUC Half Dollar (D0183) by Tango

Triple TUC Half Dollar (D0183) Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Tango  Mr. Tango has done it onc..

Rs. 6,899.00

The Vault - Torn by Daniel Garcia (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of a torn playin..

Rs. 1,089.00

Real Coin Magic by Benjamin Earl (DVD) Out Of Stock

Real Coin Magic by Benjamin Earl (DVD)

Real Coin Magic introduces a completely new approach to coin magic. For the first time on video, lea..

Rs. 2,629.00

Basic Coin Purse by TCC

An elegant and perfectly-sized coin purse for the discerning magician! Its unique and important spec..

Rs. 699.00

The Vault - Shape Shifter by Shin Lim and Riccardo Negroni (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

The most magical coin and ring Spellbound you will ever do! The two items appear to transform into o..

Rs. 759.00

Modern Coin Magic  by J B Bobo Out Of Stock

Modern Coin Magic by J B Bobo

A book which is truly the "Bible"of Coin Magic! This is a soft cover, A-5 size 350 page book, re-pr..

Rs. 319.00

Silver Copper Brass Transposition (CH002) Tango

The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them in hi..

Rs. 4,799.00

OX Bender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Menny Lindenfeld

World's FIRST SINGLE-HANDED Coin Bender. World's MOST LIGHTWEIGHT Coin Bender! World's BEST Coin Ben..

Rs. 7,199.00

Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine (GOLD Edition)

The Magnetic Dollar - Gold Edition, from the makers of the Magnetic Card!  The Magnetic Dollar is a..

Rs. 2,879.00

Grifter Coin

As the tale goes, the hobos of the Great Depression used to spend excruciatingly long hours, or even..

Rs. 509.00

Illusion Money box Folding (With Indian & US Bills)

The magician show a empty box, with a magic shake, the box is filled with money or flower. you can ..

Rs. 5,249.00

Flipper Coin Half Dollars (D0039) by Tango

Flipper Coin Half Dollars In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produce..

Rs. 2,949.00

W Wallet with Money Printer

In the blink of an eye, he opens the wallet to reveal the paper has transformed into a real bill.  H..

Rs. 849.00

The Bill Test by Erik Casey (DVD + Gimmicks)

“I can’t believe this wasn’t created 50 years ago.” -Gregory Wilson “Superb!" -Paul Cummins “Erik ..

Rs. 1,849.00

Vision Purse

Vision Purse MAGICALLY expands the possibilities of your coin magic routine. Even if you are new to ..

Rs. 349.00

Ultimate Coin Bag

Performer displays a small bag (purse) with a net front. Anything placed inside the bag is visible t..

Rs. 59.00

Another Coin Box

This model is indian Rupee Size Model   As the name suggests it is yet another coin box to add to ..

Rs. 299.00

Morgan Coin Silver Finish Out Of Stock

Morgan Coin Silver Finish

The Morgan silver dollar was issued up until 1922 and makes a first class coin for coin tricks and c..

Rs. 159.00