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Flash Deck Switch 2.0 (Improved / Red) by Shin Lim Out Of Stock

Flash Deck Switch 2.0 (Improved / Red) by Shin Lim

*Note: this is the second and improved version of flash deck switch. This gimmick comes in Bicycle R..

Rs. 2,589.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,589.00

Force of Will by Dave Hooper (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

"David actually fooled me with his force, it was a joy to be fooled." -Doc Eason There ar..

Rs. 999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 999.00

Foresight (DVD and Gimmick) by Oliver Smith

Amazing Magic Trick with ESP Symbols  If magic and mentalism made a baby, this would be it! Foresi..

Rs. 2,349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,349.00

Frame Up

The performer brings out a large envelope, with a prediction inside. A spectator now selects a card ..

Rs. 749.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 749.00

Genuine Bicycle Floaters

Genuine Bicycle Floaters— Magic Card Trick A pair of gimmicks, red and blue, with original Bicycle ..

Rs. 89.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00

Gold Foil Plated Playing Cards

Imagine …performing  a card trick  with a gold deck …Wow  !!! that’s cool.. you could create a gre..

Rs. 449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 449.00

Haunted 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick) by Peter Eggink and Mark Traversoni -5% Out Of Stock

Haunted 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick) by Peter Eggink and Mark Traversoni

Peter Eggink started it all with his wildly popular "Haunted". Mark Traversoni then experimented for..

Rs. 2,399.00 Rs. 2,289.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,289.00

Hummer Card

A playing card floats and flies around your body like a hummingbird. You've got to see it to believe..

Rs. 199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 199.00

Implausibilities by Hudson Taylor ( DRM VIDEO DOWNLOAD )

Any Card At Any Number has been a visceral weapon in any card-man's pocket for decades. Hudson Taylo..

Rs. 1,699.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,699.00

Impossible Location Card Tricks by John Carey (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

Bigblindmedia presents  Impossible Location Card Tricks with John Carey  Impossible Locations are ..

Rs. 1,959.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,959.00

Impressions Handkerchief

A magical handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limi..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Indian Blank Face Card Deck

This Blank face card deck is bridge size cards, available only with a Red Geometric Back design as i..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)

Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Invisible Switch Wallet (Dlx)

This is the ultimate switching wallet ever made. Magician shows an empty wallet and piece of paper ..

Rs. 549.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 549.00

James Went's Meditations (Video Download)

An incredible collection of close-up card routines, smooth sleight of hand techniques and interviews..

Rs. 2,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,499.00

Jeff Sheridan Card Manipula - 2 (video Download)

If you've ever marveled at modern card manipulators and wondered where they learned their skills, yo..

Rs. 2,589.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,589.00

Jig-saw Cards Mystery

Note : Above Video Reffers to Effect Only, Actual Product is Slightly Modified in shape But Effect w..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Jumbo Fooled Again

The magician shows both the front and back of 3 cards, viz.- Eight of Hearts, Ace of Spades & Five o..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

Jumbo Quick Switch Plus

We supply you seven special Jumbo Cards, and you can perform a number of different tricks with them,..

Rs. 89.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00

King of Magic

Effect : The performer displays an envelope which he says contains the Four Kings. The spectator is ..

Rs. 29.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 29.00

Little Door by Roddy McGhie (Download + Gimmicks) New

Little Door by Roddy McGhie (Download + Gimmicks)

"I was fooled. You'll be fooled. Your audiences don't stand a chance" -Mark Elsdon. EACH UNIT HA..

Rs. 3,149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,149.00

Little Green Man Out Of Stock

Little Green Man

Have spectator choose one card and return it into the deck.  Now Magician introduces a mini-size of..

Rs. 159.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 159.00

Loaded by Marcus Eddie (DVD) Out Of Stock

Loaded by Marcus Eddie (DVD)

Show a box completely empty, then produce AN ENTIRE DECK OF CARDS. The easiest, most powerful method..

Rs. 799.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 799.00

Locked in Love Card Trick

One of the finest effects with cards to come along in many years. Four cards (two red and two black..

Rs. 39.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 39.00

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