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Ultimate Book Test (Limited Edition) -52%

Ultimate Book Test (Limited Edition)

Luca Volpe Merlin "Mentalist of the Year, Europe", Nostradamus "Best European Mentalist" winner and ..

Rs. 6,100.00 Rs. 2,950.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,950.00

Ultimate Marked Deck (BLUE Back Bicycle Cards) Out Of Stock

Ultimate Marked Deck (BLUE Back Bicycle Cards)

Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of!  Manufactured in "Rider Back 808-R"..

Rs. 2,299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,299.00

What am I thinking? by Marc Spelmann (DVD)

Walk into a room, and walk out knowing EVERYTHING. Pure, no-setup mind-reading at its best. NINE REP..

Rs. 2,149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00

Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti and Vanishing Inc

Finally you can learn and perform Wordsmyth, the hit trick that fooled Penn & Teller! Wordsmyth is m..

Rs. 3,759.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,759.00

Zip Locked Wallet

They'll beg to know how you did it! Mindboggling mentalism effect! It seems like your spectators ha..

Rs. 1,149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,149.00

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