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Conscious Magic Episode 3

Welcome to Conscious Magic Episode 3 (Accuracy, STFU, The Formula and White Room) with Ran Pink and ..

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Control by Darryl Vanamburg

Con-trol (k/uh/n'trol/) Noun. The power to directly influence objects or the course of events...  F..

Rs. 4,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,499.00

Crystal Switch Box Out Of Stock

Crystal Switch Box

Endless choices of effects can be done with this box. For example: you ask for paper money from a sp..

Rs. 1,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,199.00

Cube 3 By Steven Brundage

Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That is, u..

Rs. 2,599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,599.00

Dicey Numbers

This is a set of five dice, with 5 different 3 digit numbers on all sides of each dice.  The specta..

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ESP Deck (Poker Size - Color)

This is a deck of 25 Poker Size cards with the Rhine (Extra Sensory Perception) symbols printed in 5..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

ESP New Flash Printer

A set of ESP cards are shown and an ESP card-holder. A card is selected and returned to the packet. ..

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Flash Dice (ESP Prediction) Out Of Stock

Flash Dice (ESP Prediction)

This is new version of classic flash Dice trick, this new effect improved with ESP symbols. There ar..

Rs. 129.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 129.00

Forcing Bag (Magnetic)

Perform extraordinary impossible mind tricks in a clean and effective way. A MUST HAVE Propp for ev..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Foresight (DVD and Gimmick) by Oliver Smith

Amazing Magic Trick with ESP Symbols  If magic and mentalism made a baby, this would be it! Foresi..

Rs. 2,349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,349.00

Freedom Writer by Mark Allen and Paul Harris Presents (Gimmick & Online Video Instruction) Out Of Stock

Freedom Writer by Mark Allen and Paul Harris Presents (Gimmick & Online Video Instruction)

Paul Harris Presents  Mark Allen's  FREEDOM WRITER  The Evolution of a Classic Mindreading Device..

Rs. 3,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,999.00

Frightening Spike

This is a very simple, yet highly dramatic effect, that can be the feature of your act. It is also e..

Rs. 689.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 689.00

Glass Breaking Tray Pro - Remote Control Out Of Stock

Glass Breaking Tray Pro - Remote Control

Place a glass on the performer's table, and cover it with a glass cover. You stay away from the tabl..

Rs. 8,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 8,499.00

Headline Prediction (Pro Series Vol 8) by Paul Romhany ( eBook DOWNLOAD )

As any seasoned professional performer will tell you, performing a headline prediction is one of the..

Rs. 1,359.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,359.00


HIMBER WALLET - DELUXE LEATHER MODEL   The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and pape..

Rs. 509.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 509.00

HPad by Henri Beaumont and Marchand de trucs Out Of Stock

HPad by Henri Beaumont and Marchand de trucs

If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading what your spe..

Rs. 5,099.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,099.00

Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami

Magic that's ALWAYS with you.  "Rostami brings magic into the 21st century."  - David Blaine  "Whe..

Rs. 5,699.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,699.00

Insight by Hugo Shelly Pre-Order

Insight by Hugo Shelly

Technology Genius Hugo Shelley is back with his latest and longly awaited next release… If yo..

Rs. 38,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 38,499.00

Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)

Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Invisible loops

Now get 8 loops in pack, Order it Today! With less than 3 seconds preparation… you can make things ..

Rs. 159.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 159.00

Invisible Switch Wallet (Dlx)

This is the ultimate switching wallet ever made. Magician shows an empty wallet and piece of paper ..

Rs. 549.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 549.00

Jumbo Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red) Out Of Stock

Jumbo Invisible Deck Bicycle (Red)

The BEST card trick of all time, NOW 500% BIGGER.  NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Just like the ..

Rs. 2,179.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,179.00

Jumbo X-Ray Envelope by ASTOR

Magician shows 5 transparent Jumbo ESP cards. While magician is facing away, the spectator is asked ..

Rs. 1,850.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,850.00

Key Bender Gimmick

Key Bender Gimmick Bending metals, apparently with the power of your mind makes for an extremely int..

Rs. 89.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 89.00

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