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Color Changing Record

The color changing records has been a popular trick for some time now and I personally used it in my..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Color Changing Silk

The performer holds up a two silk tied together having size 12-inch each and runs it through his han..

Rs. 159.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 159.00

Comedy Funnel (ALU)

A classic comedy prop, where water can be made to flow out at will from an empty funnel. It has been..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Control Reel, Locking

This is a locking control reel that is similar to the control reel but is fitted with a locking mech..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Cut & Restore Necklace Out Of Stock

Cut & Restore Necklace

Magician Display Beautiful Necklace in his hands, now he take his necklace in hand and cut the threa..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Dagger Chest

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Rs. 6,899.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 6,899.00

Dancing and Vanishing Cane - Plastic

This cane works like any other dancing cane; you can make it fly using the usual moves in the air. T..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

Dancing Cane - Aluminum

An aluminum Cane floats from hand to hand, then around your body!There is no visible means of suppor..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Diamond Cut and Restore Card

Do you want to perform the Torn & Restored effect, but it is quite difficult? Well your wait is ov..

Rs. 199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 199.00

Diminishing Milk Glass

Magician display Four clear transparent glasses of different sizes. Each glass is approximately doub..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

Dove Pan - S.S. Out Of Stock

Dove Pan - S.S.

The Dove Pan is a classic production prop, not only for producing a live Dove, but for Baking a Cake..

Rs. 1,149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,149.00

Dove Pan Botania (New All Cloth Model) Out Of Stock

Dove Pan Botania (New All Cloth Model)

This is an accessory to use with your Dove Pan when you do not wish to, or are unable to use a real ..

Rs. 449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 449.00

Dove Pan Classic - Metal Out Of Stock

Dove Pan Classic - Metal

the magician shows an empty pan, and drops a piece of lit cloth or paper inside. The pan is covered,..

Rs. 549.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 549.00

Dove Vanishing Cage

During your act, up to 4 doves are placed into the cage seen resting on a thin table. The cage and d..

Rs. 10,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 10,999.00

Dream Bag

The best made version of this effect. An empty paper bag is shown. Reach in with empty hands and pro..

Rs. 299.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 299.00

Dream Lock

We supply you what appears to be a regular Reset able Combination Padlock, which is normally opened ..

Rs. 929.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 929.00

Drink To Silk

This is improved Version of classic milk to silk tric, with new enhancement, here you can actually s..

Rs. 229.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 229.00

Dye Tube

Dye Tube With Silk  You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it int..

Rs. 349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 349.00

Educated Duck

wooden duck picks selected card out of the deck! This is the perfect trick for kid shows! A cute woo..

Rs. 1,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,499.00

Egg - Posure

This is a sucker effect where the Magician explains the how of the trick, then ends with a climax im..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

Electric Deck

Make these cards flow from one hand to the other, without a single card falling out of place! Sprea..

Rs. 109.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 109.00

Exploding Light Bulb

A clear light bulb is removed from a lamp (for example a table light), which has been turned on and ..

Rs. 349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 349.00

Fickle Fire (2 pieces)

A very simple device to create fire on your palm any time in show. The new FIRE from palm Fire Gimmi..

Rs. 529.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 529.00

Fire Can Brass Out Of Stock

Fire Can Brass

You show a can with a lid on. Removing the lid, a lit match is dropped in. Fire shoots out proving t..

Rs. 449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 449.00

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