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Welcome to Latest Post of Shift a project by Murphys Magic. Chris Ramsay gives us some live performances and some feedback on latest Product Every week.


This week we have a look at Gone Deck by Shin Lim as Chris talks about the ups and downs of the effect as well as an in depth look at the latest Red Wheels Playing Cards! 





A visual masterpiece designed by Shin Lim and Tom Elderfield is used as a closer to Shin's Encore Act performed on the Illusionists Show from broadway. What more is there to say?

Gone Deck can both be used as an APPEARING and VANISHING card box, making this a very versatile prop to anyones repertoire.
Every package comes with a premade template so that you can apply any deck of your choosing and use it in the beginning, end, or even middle of your routine. And because it is simply one card thin and works as one unit with no separate parts to worry about, Gone Deck will not get in the way of your performances.

Gone deck comes with an instructional tutorial on how to perform different vanishes, appearances, and even color changes. In addition, Shin Lim teaches you how to not only take care of your gimmick, but also how to create new ones of your own.

Witness this incredible appearing and vanishing card box 5 years in the making



Created in partnership with California based creative studio, DKNG, Red Wheel playing cards has been one of the most anticipated collaborations to date. DKNG, founded in 2005, helps some of the world's foremost artists and entertainers inspire others through illustration and design.

The Red Wheel deck is as iconic as it is fresh - taking inspiration from the classic Bicycle Rider Back but with an all new updated look - clean design meets creative personality in each card. Introduce Red Wheel playing cards - a new classic to your collection.

Featuring 54 custom illustrated playing cards printed by the US Playing Card Co. and housed inside a foil-stamped and embossed tuck case.

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Marc Fries:
15/10/2016, 09:32:37 AM

Just amazed with your presentations and information. This is just so incredibly informative and lets you know what your getting in to. Great performance and enjoyable to watch. Thank you.

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