Quarter Dollar Coin New
This is Original ungimmicked Quarter Dollar Coin, used in verious magic tricks. Comes Single co..
Rs. 50.00

Expanded Shell Half Dollar (Head) D0001 by Tango New
EffectFour Half Dollar coins are borrowed from the audience and held in the Magician's left hand. Th..
Rs. 2,350.00

Scotch And Soda Mexican Coin (D0050) by Tango New
Effect 1The magician shows a half dollar and a mexican coin in the left hand. He closes both hands a..
Rs. 2,200.00

Increasing Card Spots New
This item is quite exciting and particularly dedicated to children's entertainment as it makes them ..
Rs. 200.00

AVIATOR Heritage Edition New
A century ago man first soared into the clouds and reached beyond the impossible. Today, we venture ..
Rs. 600.00

Featured #1 in the GQ Holiday Gift Guide. Playing cards fit for a king. The world's finest. The..
Rs. 650.00

AmazeBox New
Once in a while we come across a trick with a method that is as inspiring and whimsical as the effec..
Rs. 3,200.00

Real Mans Wallet New
Card to Wallet should be a staple in any walkaround performer's repertoire. It's one of the stronges..
Rs. 2,800.00

Shattered & Fixed Glass by Anton Corradin New
The magician opens by showing the audience a picture frame with a photo of Harry Houdini a..
Rs. 4,000.00

The Muscle Pass Starring Jay Noblezada (DVD) New
Is your coin magic feeling a bit FLAT? Pop it into 3D with one of the most VISUAL moves in..
Rs. 1,370.00

Contrast is a single card color change that you can do to a SIGNED and TORN card. The change is extr..
Rs. 2,380.00

It's the rarest kind of magic effect: it captures the imaginations of both magicians and audiences. ..
Rs. 2,750.00

Ask a spectator to hold out their hand and make a closed fist. Pull out a marker and draw an 'X' on ..
Rs. 4,080.00

Back in Print!Why is it that some magicians get great audience reaction while others who are just as..
Rs. 3,500.00

One of our all-time best sellers. The most visual bill-change EVER. Lightning fast, and completely e..
Rs. 2,450.00