Appearing Straw From Bag

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Appearing Straw From Bag

Now you can take a BIG gulp!

Perfect for theatrical performances, because it's SO EASY! 

No need to worry about how to do the trick- it practically works itself!

each into a small fast food paper bag- and pull out a GIANT 4-FOOT STRAW!

This hilarious and very visual magic prop can be hidden in the smallest of spaces. Closed up, it's a little larger than your fist. So easy to operate!

And with this ingenious design, when the Giant Straw is open, it stays that way. You can tap it, twirl it around, even lean it against the wall, and it does not collapse!

Store the Giant Straw OPEN when not in use.
Also, do not store the Giant Straw in a hot location, like direct sunlight. Do not leave the Giant Straw in a hot car. Do not put the Giant Straw on a hot radiator or heater. This Giant Straw is rolled plastic, and excessive heat may make it melt together.

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