Fruit Forecast

Fruit Forecast

We supply you 8 cards with the pictures of 8 fruits. You can use these to perform several different routines, as described below.
Effect 1:   Magician displays eight cards, each bearing a picture and name of a fruit. Spectator selects any fruit and magician reveals it.

Effect 2: The magician shows 8 fruit picture cards and asks a person from the audience to shuffle the cards.  He takes back the cards and with their faces towards the audience the magician displays the fruit cards one by one and as he does so, he asks the person to choose a fruit mentally and also remember which number the card is at from the top. 
Now the person is asked to place the same number of cards from top of the stack to the bottom, but out of sight of the magician. The magician takes back the packet and places it in his pocket.  He reads the mind of the spectator and removes one card from his pocket. He asks the spectator to reveal his mentally selected card and magician turns the card which is in his hand. It is the selected card!

Effect 3: Magician predicts the fruit card which will be selected by the spectator.

Effect 4: Give the packet to the spectator and ask him to mix it. You collect and fan the packet. Ask the spectator to take any card and remember it. You fan the packet and ask him to replace it. Mix the packet and reveal the chosen card.

We supply you the 8 multicolor cards, with instructions for all the routines above. You could also use these cards for similar effects you can design by yourself, on other card principles. Available at a very affordable price.

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