Flower & Silk Magic

Flower & Silk Magic
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Polka Dot Silk

First, show a black silk which is spotted on both sides. Then shake the silk and show the spots have..

Rs. 749.00

Spring Flower Small (Mylar) - Multicolor

Colorful Mylar spring flowers. These fold flat, and spring into a large bouquet when released...

Rs. 59.00

Instant Flower Deluxe

A FANTASTIC effect which is FAST, COLORFUL and almost angle proof! A picture of a plant transforms ..

Rs. 109.00

Drink To Silk

This is improved Version of classic milk to silk tric, with new enhancement, here you can actually s..

Rs. 229.00

Chameleon silk

Display a long black silk streamer. With a flick of the hand, the streamer visibly changes to a mult..

Rs. 579.00

Drooping Cloth Sunflower

This looks like a long stem Single Sunflower. This deluxe version is made from cloth and not from fe..

Rs. 109.00

Candle through Silk Box Out Of Stock

Candle through Silk Box

Penetrations make for impressive magic effects, specially when the penetration involves fire. We off..

Rs. 389.00

Candle through silk

This is the complete new type of Candle Through Silk effect where in everything can be inspected bot..

Rs. 179.00