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Close-Up Magic
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Whiteboard Paddle Outfit

A paddle is an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. There ..

Rs. 149.00

Pocket Illusion by Astor

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Rs. 1,499.00

ACE by Richard Sanders ( Gimmick + DVD ) Out Of Stock

ACE by Richard Sanders ( Gimmick + DVD )

4 cards change IN THEIR OWN HANDS. "LOVE IT!" -Jeff Kaylor "I have received the best reactions..

Rs. 1,399.00

Departure Ring Flight by Magic Smith

A ring VANISHES then appears in your back pocket attached you your keyring. Borrow a ring , and i..

Rs. 2,099.00

Misled ( Pencil Through Note )

 What more could you ask for? Misled was created by FISM award-winning inventor and performed exactl..

Rs. 49.00

MRI by Tenyo Magic

Perform impossible feats of X-ray vision! Highly Recommended For Close Magicians Loading the play..

Rs. 1,649.00

Card Artistry 2 by Justin Flom (DVD + Gimmicks)

The most artistic card trick you've ever seen. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Justin Flom’s ..

Rs. 1,799.00

Mirage Deck Bicycle (Blue) Out Of Stock

Mirage Deck Bicycle (Blue)

Easy To DO! No Sleight Of Hand Required! An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to d..

Rs. 599.00

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - QH

This is a comprised of a pair of miniature (about 8" square) fine quality silks, one with a picture ..

Rs. 99.00

Bill Tube Climax (Gold Plated) Out Of Stock

Bill Tube Climax (Gold Plated)

In case you are not familiar with the Climax Bill Tube, here is the basic effect, and working. A ..

Rs. 549.00

Crystal Clear Tube It

A crystal clear version of the classic Bill Tube ! Ian Adair originated Tube-It in the 1960's, this..

Rs. 59.00

Thumb Tip Streamer 3 Feet

Now you can produce a beautiful 3feet rainbow silk streamer from your empty hand. Always a surprisin..

Rs. 49.00

Perfect 3 Shell Game

FINALLY! A high-performance set of shells that handles well on the STREETS. This is YOUR CHANCE to l..

Rs. 259.00

Caption by Arnel Renegado (VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

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Rs. 429.00

Lightning wallet

Any small borrowed item such as a coin or ring INSTANTLY reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest o..

Rs. 749.00

Magnetic Cards (2)

2 Poker-size Bicycle Rider Back Magnetic Cards per package. The magnetic card can be used for a v..

Rs. 189.00

Chop Cup - Wood

This is a Chop Cup is turned wood, polished and lacquered, and an attractive "collector's quality" p..

Rs. 499.00

The Stealth Pen (Street Pen Thru Dollar)

Get ready to give autographs... this thing is HOT! Do not leave the shop without seeing a demo of th..

Rs. 249.00

Perfect Penetration Pen (Stealth Pen) Gimmick & DVD

An ordinary looking black pen with a secret gimmick that makes performing simple and easy to do. ..

Rs. 499.00

Impossible Coin Matrix

Make three coins travel mysteriously one at a time underneath two playing cards. Each transloca..

Rs. 199.00

Stand-up Three Card Monte

A Wonderful Marriage of Wild Card & Three-Card Monte It starts out easy enough...the magician d..

Rs. 249.00

Vanishing Pen by SansMinds (DVD + Gimmicks) Out Of Stock

Vanishing Pen by SansMinds (DVD + Gimmicks)

It's this simple: you vanish a pen WHILE THE SPECTATOR HOLDS IT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Doing magi..

Rs. 2,049.00

Strong Box -19%

Strong Box

This Trick has revolutionised the standard Lippincott box to create a baffling yet practical box, wh..

Rs. 1,850.00 Rs. 1,499.00

Hummer Card Out Of Stock

Hummer Card

A playing card floats and flies around your body like a hummingbird. You've got to see it to believe..

Rs. 199.00

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