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Close-Up Magic
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Paper Bending Spoon Out Of Stock

Paper Bending Spoon

This is Perfect Small Pocket Miracle, Must for every magician. This is a Bending Spoon when you are ..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

CAPSULE by Sebastian Calbry & Thibault Surest ( Video DOWNLOAD )

There is no need for introduction for Sebastien Calbry, a French creator whose name is becoming more..

Rs. 459.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 459.00

Insight by Hugo Shelly Pre-Order

Insight by Hugo Shelly

Technology Genius Hugo Shelley is back with his latest and longly awaited next release… If yo..

Rs. 38,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 38,499.00

Finger Chopper 3.0 Out Of Stock

Finger Chopper 3.0

After The famous Finger Chopper 2.0 sold out at 2009 FISM in Beijing, Fujiwara amped up the exciteme..

Rs. 649.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 649.00

Thumb Tip Card Silk Set - KC

This is a comprised of a pair of miniature (about 8" square) fine quality silks, one with a picture ..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Static Levitation by Manoj Kaushal

Time will seemingly stand still. The moment of astonishment will linger. Your audience will never..

Rs. 599.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 599.00

Super Soft 1 Inch Sponge Balls - Orange -20 % Out Of Stock

Super Soft 1 Inch Sponge Balls - Orange

These vibrant Soft sponge balls are a must for any close-up magic worker. They are the highest quali..

Rs. 100.00 Rs. 80.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 80.00

Mystery Solved Box Out Of Stock

Mystery Solved Box

"The next big thing is HERE!" - Eric Jones In any lighting conditions, close-up, w..

Rs. 899.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 899.00

Magi Cow and Frog

(Effect) Magician shows a “Cow” and a “Frog” board. He also introduces an empty envelope and an emp..

Rs. 249.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 249.00

3 Rope Card Trick (Jumbo cards)

"The Professor's Nightmare" is one of the most popular rope tricks of all time, and wi..

Rs. 129.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 129.00

3 Rope Card Trick (Small cards)

"The Professor's Nightmare" is one of the most popular rope tricks of all time, and with good reason..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

Monster Pad Out Of Stock

Monster Pad

BEST & CLEAN MENTALISM  PROP EVER MADE ... A spectator shuffles the deck then chooses a ..

Rs. 3,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,999.00

Twisty Worm (Wacky warm) Out Of Stock

Twisty Worm (Wacky warm)

Magic Twisty Worm is a magical pet that wiggles and jumps, and performs tricks over your hands and i..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Weapons (Deck & Video) by Eric Ross

WEAPONS is the BEST Gaffed deck to come along in years!  The WEAPONS deck contains the BEST gaff ..

Rs. 2,099.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,099.00

Arthur by Chris Wiehl

"How the hell doesn't that happen Chris? What are you, Satan's Spawn? Fooled!" - Jack Carpenter  ..

Rs. 2,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,499.00

Mental Photo Deck Bicycle (BLUE)

Easy To DO! No Sleight Of Hand Required! An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to d..

Rs. 849.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 849.00

Nested Thimbles Outfit

A set of four large nested thimbles (total 8 thimbles) in three different colors with a booklet for ..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

Chop Cup Combo Outfit (Red-White-Blue)

The Chop Cup Combo outfit (RWB) is a set of  three different colored seamless spun aluminum cups for..

Rs. 499.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 499.00

Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic by Cameron Francis (VIDEO DOWNLAOD)

A collection of mindblowing card magic that you can perform with ANY borrowed deck.  NO SETUPS. N..

Rs. 2,529.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,529.00

Appearing Card in Box

They'll be desperate to know how you did it! A classic card magic trick that will definitely blow..

Rs. 379.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 379.00

SVENGALI Starring Oz Pearlman (DVD + Deck)

This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult ..

Rs. 1,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,199.00

Magic Pencil Case

The Magical Pencil Case to hold all your school or office stationery like pencils, pens, erasers, et..

Rs. 179.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 179.00

Zig-Zag Rope (Rope Trick)

A bestseller and an ideal gift for all ages. As part of our Zig Zag Series. NMS introduces the Zi..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

Melting Coin Plastic

Can steel really melt through steel? This classic melting coin trick will teach you how to slide a ..

Rs. 79.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 79.00

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