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Close-Up Magic
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Amazing Jewelry Box

Magician shows a wooden box and opens the lid. There are 6 colorful stones (Red, Blue, Green, Yel..

Rs. 2,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,199.00

Card To Wallet (IN)

A signed card visually jumps from the deck to your wallet. The effect is that a spectator selects..

Rs. 949.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 949.00

Super Mental Die

Effect : A solid metal die is place in an opaque metal box, and handed to the performer behind his b..

Rs. 569.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 569.00

Drop Out - No Drop Out : Aluminium

Drop Out is a classic pocket item, easy to perform, and highly puzzling to the un-initiated.  The pe..

Rs. 99.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 99.00

Drop Out - No Drop Out : Plastic

The performer displays a small bottle, and places a steel ball in a hole on one side, and inverts th..

Rs. 39.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 39.00

Flower/Silk Production Pan - Mini

We have sold various models of production pans over the years, ranging from Chick Pans to Double Loa..

Rs. 129.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 129.00

Egg or Hen Card Trick

This card trick by Magician Rajat was inspired by the packet effect - "Quick Switch", by Tom Ogden. ..

Rs. 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 59.00

SKETCH by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro Out Of Stock

SKETCH by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro

From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro -- an extremely visual and surprising card..

Rs. 2,850.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,850.00

Liberty Vanish

The famous David Copperfield's Vanishing Statue of Liberty, which he performed on TV shows, is now m..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

Sucker Punch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Southworth

A quality alternative to traditional coin sets. With these chips, comes 6 practical and visual piece..

Rs. 2,899.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,899.00

Unboxing by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds

Still looking for the perfect opener? Look no further. THIS IS IT! From the mind of Nicholas Lawr..

Rs. 1,449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,449.00

Travelling Cube - Wonder Out Of Stock

Travelling Cube - Wonder

A stack of 3 cubes are shown in the form of a tower. You have two cases. When the cubes are cover..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Zig Zag card (Bicycle Card)

Ever since Robert Harbin introduced the Zig Zag Lady to the magic fraternity, there has been a craze..

Rs. 149.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 149.00

Vortex Magic Presents FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan Out Of Stock

Vortex Magic Presents FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan

This is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker. A Sharpie is placed on a tabl..

Rs. 1,799.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,799.00

Silver Copper Brass Transposition (CH002) Tango

The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them in hi..

Rs. 4,349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,349.00

OX Bender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Menny Lindenfeld Out Of Stock

OX Bender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Menny Lindenfeld

World's FIRST SINGLE-HANDED Coin Bender. World's MOST LIGHTWEIGHT Coin Bender! World's BEST Coin Ben..

Rs. 7,199.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 7,199.00

Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread

This is the dawn of a new era in levitations.  Never break your thread again!  Steve Fearson's Vectr..

Rs. 1,449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,449.00

Vectra X2 Stage Edition

“i simply cannot believe how strong this thread really is, sure is not very invisible but still mana..

Rs. 1,449.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,449.00

Card In Bag Out Of Stock

Card In Bag

The spectators signed card penetrates through a bag! A spectator signs a card and the magician pl..

Rs. 349.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 349.00

GT Speedreader Marked Deck (809 Mandolin Red Back)

The GT Speedreader is a ground breaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept...specifically..

Rs. 1,799.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,799.00

Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine (GOLD Edition)

The Magnetic Dollar - Gold Edition, from the makers of the Magnetic Card!  The Magnetic Dollar is..

Rs. 2,879.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,879.00

NOC V3S Gaff Deck (Black) Out Of Stock

NOC V3S Gaff Deck (Black)

Black NOC's just got a WHOLE LOT better!  Our team has spent months and months on a secret projec..

Rs. 1,090.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,090.00

Kenard Mystery Box

This is a classic close-up item you would love to use in your show! A brass ring is placed on the..

Rs. 399.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00

One Second Puzzle

Can you get the 2 balls to the 2 corners? Truly baffling when you know how!  It just takes a s..

Rs. 19.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 19.00

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