Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic
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Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread New

Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread

This is the dawn of a new era in levitations.  Never break your thread again!  Steve Fearson's Vectr..

Rs. 1,450.00

Vectra X2 Stage Edition New

Vectra X2 Stage Edition

“i simply cannot believe how strong this thread really is, sure is not very invisible but still mana..

Rs. 1,450.00

Card In Bag New

Card In Bag

The spectators signed card penetrates through a bag!A spectator signs a card and the magician pl..

Rs. 350.00

GT Speedreader Marked Deck (809 Mandolin Red Back)

The GT Speedreader is a ground breaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept...specifically..

Rs. 1,800.00

Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine (GOLD Edition)

The Magnetic Dollar - Gold Edition, from the makers of the Magnetic Card! The Magnetic Dollar is..

Rs. 2,880.00

NOC V3S Gaff Deck (Black)

Black NOC's just got a WHOLE LOT better! Our team has spent months and months on a secret projec..

Rs. 1,090.00

Raven (Mini Version) by Chazpro

Chazpro's classic Raven® is now available in a smaller, no frills version! This compact Raven is eas..

Rs. 1,090.00

Kenard Mystery Box

This is a classic close-up item you would love to use in your show!A brass ring is placed on the..

Rs. 400.00


Can you get the 2 balls to the 2 corners?Truly baffling when you know how! It just takes a s..

Rs. 20.00

Coin Bender Set Out Of Stock

Coin Bender Set

Reputation Maker & Repeat the Feat of Mental PowerIMAGINE: You walk up to a group of spectators ..

Rs. 200.00

Mental Logs Improved

Performer displays four rods with different numbers on all sides. Spectator is invited to toss the r..

Rs. 195.00

Mental Magic (Colors Prediction)

A classic and most simple mentalism trick best for close up performance.A spectator shows some c..

Rs. 500.00

Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax (CARDS INCLUDED)

A stunningly, visual change triggers this impossible teleportation miracle. "VERY practical ..

Rs. 1,450.00

Cross (DVD & Gimmicks) Bonus Pack by Tjiu

A very visual and killer effect from one of the great minds from Indonesia, Agus Tjiu. The spect..

Rs. 2,990.00

Vanishing pencil (Brass)

A full size wooden pencil with erazer end is placed inside a metal tube, and capped. When tube is op..

Rs. 130.00

Genuine Bicycle Floaters

Genuine Bicycle Floaters—Magic Card Trick A pair of gimmicks, red and blue, with original Bicycl..

Rs. 90.00

Impressions Handkerchief

A magical handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limi..

Rs. 150.00

Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni Out Of Stock

Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni

A real start clean-end clean hookup. The first haunted pack that allows you to shuffle before, durin..

Rs. 1,020.00

W Wallet with Money Printer

In the blink of an eye, he opens the wallet to reveal the paper has transformed into a real bill.  ..

Rs. 850.00

CAP IT (Red)

Vanish any small object from the audience, like a ring, coin, bill, signed card or any other small i..

Rs. 190.00

CAP IT (White)

Vanish any small object from the audience, like a ring, coin, bill, signed card or any other small i..

Rs. 190.00

Cups And Balls - Large ( Copper Plated )

A classic of Magic, where balls penetrate through, appear and vanish and change to large balls or fr..

Rs. 825.00

Micro ITR Super

Thread work made easy! This is Newly Designed Micro Thread Reel.You can do the Amazing Float..

Rs. 125.00

Chop Cup (Wide Mouth)

Bigger mouth cup for a bigger surprise ending!Produce a large ball, apple or orange from this re..

Rs. 799.00

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