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This is a 7.5 length of stripped Invisible Thread, enough to 100's of effects when Properly used. ..
Rs. 35.00
The right balls for the your Chop Cup! Set of TWO balls- one has a shim (piece of metal that will..
Rs. 40.00
This is really cute. Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. ..
Rs. 50.00
Mouth Coils claasic  white Out Of Stock
These Mouth Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a productio..
Rs. 150.00
The performer displays a strip of white tissue paper. This is torn into small pieces which are dippe..
Rs. 140.00
A glazing 19" steel blade appears to slide right down your throat, COMPLETELY DOWN to the metal hand..
Rs. 300.00
This is one of the most ingenious methods of making a card visibly disappear or appear in a flash. ..
Rs. 50.00
Beautiful Rose & Fire Magic! A small torch is lit by the magician. If desired, toss a fireball from ..
Rs. 60.00
  Blow your spectator's away with this marked deck._ This is the marked deck you have been waitin..
Rs. 150.00
A clear light bulb is removed from a lamp (for example a table light), which has been turned on and ..
Rs. 350.00
A new and improved version of the Comedy Bulb. This model features a button at the bottom which ligh..
Rs. 90.00
Close-Up Mental Effect You show a small slate that is divided into six sections. The upper three ..
Rs. 210.00
Flash Pads – This is Magicians Flash Paper. Produce flames from your finger tips. The pads ignite in..
Rs. 160.00
This is Perfect Bicycle Playing Card Giude Teaches IMPORTANT OF PREPARING YOUR CARDS BEFORE YOU P..
Rs. 0.00
Super Water Bowl (Plastic) New
It’s more than magic, it is almost a miracle…..  This is Compact Version of Miracle water bowl fo..
Rs. 250.00
A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names ..
Rs. 40.00
Magician Shows a deck of cards, he tell the spectator to select any card at random, show it to a..
Rs. 70.00
Performer shows a transparent glass full of liquid such as Milk, Coke etc. He drinks from it, till t..
Rs. 150.00
The performer displays the Ghost Key - a large key that he invites his audience to examine to their ..
Rs. 120.00
Top quality silk scarves make ALL the difference in your magic! These fine silks are the perfect ..
Rs. 25.00
In effect, a cigarette is put inside a tube marked with a 'No Smoking' sign. The tube is capped and ..
Rs. 25.00
*******  FREE TO DOWNLOAD  ******* Visually make money rise out of your wallet in f..
Rs. 0.00
Flash paper -10%
Brilliant Flashes of Fire from Your Fingertips! Flash Paper, burns quickly and completely with brig..
Rs. 200.00 Rs. 180.00
Svengali Deck Out Of Stock
The Svengali deck is one of the most purchased gimmick decks in the history of magic! Hundreds of e..
Rs. 70.00

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