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Every magician must have this mark deck.Amazing card trick which can be perform anywhere any tim..
Rs. 70.00
Create a super-fast flash of fire! Flash Cotton is designed to be used with various flash/fire gimm..
Rs. 180.00
Now get 8 loops in pack, Order it Today!With less than 3 seconds preparation… you can make thing..
Rs. 160.00
Top quality silk scarves make ALL the difference in your magic! A "silk" is what magicians call the..
Rs. 50.00
Global Titans are the premiere release of The Expert Playing Card Company, LLC. EPCC is committed to..
Rs. 650.00
The second release in the Origin Series, Ignite Playing Cards captures golden flames, glowing embers..
Rs. 780.00
Shin Lim, 2015 FISM World Champion in Close-up Card Magic is known for using music to move his audie..
Rs. 750.00
You make the balls disappear from your hand and appear in the hand of a spectator! Make them multipl..
Rs. 150.00
The performer displays a strip of white tissue paper. This is torn into small pieces which are dippe..
Rs. 110.00
If you try to balance the hook supplied on the tip of your finger or any other place by the pointed ..
Rs. 20.00
Rs. 2,999.00
It is Similar to the famous D'Lite thumb tip magic trick (it its a thump tip with a light in it), bu..
Rs. 180.00
These flowers POP open all by themselves!POP! Colorful Mylar paper spring flowers that fold flat..
Rs. 400.00
Make them a part of the show!Great comedy prop! When you hold the wand, it looks normal, but han..
Rs. 85.00
Magic Twisty Worm is a magical pet that wiggles and jumps, and performs tricks over your hands and i..
Rs. 100.00
Airborne with ANY Bottle -40%
General Magic trickGeneral / Street / Parlor / Stage / Close Up / Magic TricksPerform Airbor..
Rs. 150.00 Rs. 90.00
Visible transformation Simple to perform and instantly resets Surprising and offbeat effect!A To..
Rs. 250.00
Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect..
Rs. 600.00
Artisans (Black) Out Of Stock
Illustrated in South AfricaIllustrated by hand in South Africa, Artisans are in a league of thei..
Rs. 720.00
"Extraordinary power at your fingertips" -Cyril"The ultimate secret power... I never leave home..
Rs. 650.00
This standard plastic thumb tip is ideal for any magic act. It is lifelike in appearance and sturdy ..
Rs. 25.00
The Thumb tip is a secret accessory that makes many seemingly impossible miracles possible. Use it t..
Rs. 80.00
The ultimate sandwich effect. No moves. No monkey business. Just pure magic.No moves?!? Yup. No ..
Rs. 1,450.00
PAUL HARRIS PRESENTS FAIR PLAY UK EDITIONGimmick created by Steve Haynes & Uday Jadugar..
Rs. 2,800.00

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